PalmSHIELD’s Silere Acoustic Panels

 Mechanical equipment screening should not only provide an appealing security enclosure.  Architectural equipment screening should also support reducing the wave energy generated by sound and electromagnetic waves produced by this equipment.   PalmSHIELD’s Silere Acoustic panel system is designed to provide architecturally appealing finishes while reducing noise from beyond the enclosure.   The Silere Acoustic panel system compliments any of our architectural screening options with layers of state of the art noise reducing materials and design while still providing affordable solutions.  All of our acoustical panels incorporate ACOUSTICAL SURFACES, INC.®  Silk Metal micro-perforated aluminum sound absorber panels that reduce echo and sound reflections. 

Acoustic Panels Types

Product Details

Acoustical Surfaces Inc.® Silk Metal ceiling & wall panels are state-of-the-art micro-perforated aluminum sound absorber panels that reduce echo and sound reflections. These perforated metal acoustic panels for ceilings and walls have an elegantly smooth appearance, with an excellent NRC rating of 0.80. Resembling smooth silk fabric, Silk Metal is available in tegular or flat ceiling tiles that install easily into any standard 15/16″ ceiling grid.

Acoustical Surfaces Inc.® Silk Metal uses a patented angled micro-perforation method rather than traditional direct 90° perforation methods. These micro-perforations help achieve the ideal surface to absorb wave energy generated by sound and electromagnetic waves, and for heat mitigation.

Features & Benefits

The PalmSHIELD Silere panel system, incorporating the Acoustical Surfaces Inc.® Silk Metal technology, provides a high-performing sound absorbing panel system for outdoor use, designed to assure against corrosion found with traditional perforated panel systems.

The Acoustical Surfaces Inc.® silk metal provides the following.

  • Available in mill finish, anodized or powder coated.
  • Is extremely cost-effective compared to other acoustical panel systems
  • Excellent NRC rating – 0.80 NRC when used as a lay-in ceiling tile. No acoustical liner needed
  • Has an attractive smooth surface finish
  • Tested and proven to achieve AEMIC (acoustical & electromagnetic interference control) capabilities

The PalmSHIELD Customer Experience

When you want a complete solution to your louvered mechanical equipment screen, rooftop screen, architectural screening and ventilation needs without sweating the small stuff, choose PalmSHIELD–we make it easy. We walk you through the design.  We got you covered. We stay with you from product engineering until the product is fully installed.
How do we make it so easy for you? We deploy six basic steps…


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Installation Guide

At PalmSHIELD we pride ourselves on having a reputation of being the most user-friendly acoustic louvered screen system to install.  We have been working directly with installers for over a decade to improve our overall installation. Check out our easily readable installation guide for more information!

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