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High Performing Absorptive Noise Control Products

PalmSHIELD’s growing list of high-performance, durable noise control barriers and acoustic treatments are professionally designed and compatible with nearly any industrial and commercial application: the ultimate noise reduction solution for factories, airports, construction zones, you name it! In addition to obscuring unsightly fixtures, our acoustic screening reduces the mechanical noise that causes hearing damage and negatively impacts productivity.

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Transformer Noise Reduction

Combat the noise generated by utility company transformers. Noise reduction creates a more relaxed environment for employees and visitors alike.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Prolonged exposure to industrial sounds has the potential to permanently damage employees’ hearing. Install our acoustic screening to reduce mechanical equipment noise, relax your personnel, and boost productivity!

Recycling Facility Noise Reduction

High-quality noise reduction screens to reduce the sounds generated by the recycling process. Improves working environment acoustics for facility personnel.

AC & Heating

Roof and ground-mounted HVACs are essential. Rather than shut them down for noise reduction, enclose them with our high-quality, sound-absorbing acoustic screening.

Commercial Construction

Soundproofing for contractors. Helps control the noise generated by tools, heavy equipment, and the general noise factor of the construction site. Improves the sound environment for both workers and nearby residents.

LSE® Mobile Noise Barriers

Adjustable noise reduction barriers for applications where screening must be regularly reconfigured or rearranged.

Roads & Highways

Working on grounds near incessant traffic can be exhausting to personnel. Install these high-quality sound barriers to soften vehicular noise.

Rail & Airport

Public transportation, and the associated mechanical noise, often runs 24/7. Commerce must continue, but sound absorptive panels help reduce motor and turbine noise.

Crypto & Bitcoin Mining

Our professionally crafted panels are the ultimate sound-reducing bitcoin mining mitigation solution.

Product Options

Products that can be incorporated in to the LSE® System’s Design.

Battery Energy Storage System

Energy storage is a productive, useful system. Encourage this beneficial practice while maintaining a peaceful environment with our screening solutions.

Pickleball Court Noise Solutions

The prolonged excitement of the court minus the unimpeded noise levels that distract and irritate non-spectators.

Oil & Gas

A cost-efficient solution for reducing sound levels.

Data Center Noise Reduction

Running and maintaining data centers requires attentive personnel. Help staff maintain their diligence by greatly reducing distracting sounds associated with their work environment.

Solar Farm Noise Reduction

Diminish and control sound levels at your solar farm.

Wind Farm Substation Noise Control

With these acoustic screens installed, your environmentally friendly energy-producing system operates with comfortable noise levels for employees and passersby.

Sound Attenuated Generator Enclosure

A sound-controlling barrier to surround and block off your generators. A visually appealing physical barrier for security and noise reduction.

Chiller Sound Encolsures

Enclose your chillers for security and noise reduction purposes.

Cooling Tower Noise Control

With our acoustic panels installed, you can reduce the productivity-impeding noise caused by your cooling tower’s essential function.

Water Pump Station Noise Reduction

Sound control screening so that employees at your water pump station can carry out their responsibilities amid comfortable noise levels.

Some of the other common applications for our Silere Acoustic Panel System Include:

  • Electrical Substations
  • Loading Docks
  • “Big Box” Development
  • Schools and Hospitals
  • Bridges and Weight Sensitive Structures
  • Power Plants
  • Bus Depots
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Gun Ranges
  • Military Facilities
  • And Many More!

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