PalmSHIELD’s Bollards

Bollards remain one of the most common security installations on the market. Available in a broad spectrum of sizes and materials, these cylindrical, sturdy posts are frequently used in both interior and exterior settings to mark perimeters, deter vehicular intrusion, guide pedestrian traffic, and safeguard objects. They’re also visually appealing, increasing curb appeal while offering the necessary security. PalmSHIELD’s bollards can be used to protect our ground-level architectural screen installations, though they’re equally compatible for public events, construction zones, and parking lots. What is unique about PalmSHIELD bollards is our bollards are designed to match our screening options. Using square profiles matching the modern design of our screening, our bollards are coated to match your screening system. Check out our bollard options!


What Bollard Types Are Available?

Surface Mounted

Commonly used as traffic barriers, surface mounted bollards are bolted to the surface of your installation site rather than physically embedded into the pavement. For this reason, they’re ideal for parking lots, parking garages, construction zones, and airport driveways, where designated pathways for vehicles and restricted zones change on a frequent basis. With these bollards, you don’t need to dig holes for post installation or go to the trouble of filling holes after they’ve been relocated. Simply un-bolt the bollards and reposition them.


 As the name implies, embedded bollards are physically inserted into the ground, which requires digging holes or drilling through pavement. As such, these posts, supported by the terrain into which they’re installed, offer superior strength and resilience to vehicular impacts. When struck, these posts aren’t easily knocked over or removed. Clients looking for permanently installed posts will favor embedded bollards.


Removable bollards are commonly installed in scenarios requiring non-permanent security such as streetscape public events. You’ll find them installed at car shows, public fairs, public festivals, marathons, and flea markets. PalmSHIELD removable bollards offer finished flush surfaces when the bollards are removable, perfect for heavy pedestrian traffic and aesthetically pleasing.  Set up removable bollards to help keep vehicles out of event perimeters and mark perimeters.


When not in immediate use, these bollards’ posts can be collapsed into a flat, parallel-to-the-ground position, and lifted and locked into an upright position as needed. Collapsible bollards are a top choice for emergency vehicle access roads, utility access roads, and trails. Simply flip these bollards and drop into the ground sleeves to provide a finished flush surface, excellent for pedestrians walk ways and high traffic areas.

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