PalmSHIELD Intstallation

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Worried about how to build PalmSHIELD’s mechanical equipment screen systems around your equipment? No worries, we have you covered. PalmSHIELD offers complete installation through our installation divisions. We are ready to install your project regardless of location.

We stand ready to travel. PalmSHIELD has several installation teams who are seasoned professionals with several years of installation experience. PalmSHIELD has been a place or two over the last twenty years. We have traveled to most major metropolitan communities and from coast to coast.

How does it work?

Just ask for an installation quote. Based on the parameters of your material proposal and anchoring method, PalmSHIELD will provide you with an installation proposal. There are some things that we will conclude as part of your installation proposal. If you are unable to any of these conditions, please communicate with us in advance so that we may prepare accordingly.

  • The customer will complete all unloading, receiving and staging of materials. We recommend you unpackage the materials and inspect for any deformities or missing items.
  •  All materials will be staged in proximity of installation site. No additional transportation necessary.
  • The site is easily accessible for ease of installation by forklift.
  • All site work is complete and ready for installation. Installation will proceed without delay.
  • All permits, dues, union labor, and approvals have been completed by the customer prior to scheduling installation.
  • The site is level unless noted otherwise by customer during quoting process.
  • Customer will provide for disposing of all packaging materials.
  • Unless specified, customer will provide for all lift equipment to be onsite prior to arrival.
  • Site work is structural designed and capable of supporting installation. Concrete surfaces are sufficient to support anchoring.
  • Unless specified, customer will provide anchors. Anchor method to be communicated prior to scheduling installation.

What should you expect from us?

In receipt of our installation quote, you should expect the following level of professional installation by our team that includes:

  • Our team will consist of two or three men. Our team leader will have no less than five years’ field installation experience.
  • Team members will have completed a background check, drug screen and MVR in the last year.
  • Team members will be certified OSHA 10 Hour, CPR and First Aid.
  • Team members will have received forklift certification and rigging training.
  • If necessary, we will arrange any lifting equipment if not provided by the customer.
  • The team will provide all hand tools and small power tools.
  • We will arrange all transportation and lodging.


What is the PalmSHIELD installation process?

After quoting your installation and notification to initiate the installation, our installation team will begin the following:

  • We will contact you to review each of the conditions stated above and to schedule the installation.
  • Our team will arrive in a timely manner and ready to work. The team member will contact you to do a site review.
  • During the site review, we will identify and communicate any concerns and means to overcome.
  • Unless stated otherwise, we will handle all further unpackaging and handling of materials.
  • We will place and anchor all posts. We will attach all panels. We will weld all gates, if necessary.
  • Upon completion, we will review and complete a final touch-up.
  • We will schedule a final walk through with you prior to departure.

Though we believe our system is extraordinarily easy to install, we understand that you have more important matters in front of you. Hopefully, we can make your selection of PalmSHIELD’s architectural and louvered screening that much more rewarding by completing your installation.