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Today’s community planners are moving away from industrial-looking products in favor of high aesthetic architectural finishes. Standard fencing lines are swiftly being replaced with “building finishes that compliment the building exteriors.” This new line of fencing is referred to as architectural screen fencing. Architectural screen fencing is moving front and center for screen fencing all mechanical equipment, property boundaries, dumpsters, truck wells, outside storage, company vehicle storage, etc. Gone are the days of the 1960s wherein retail and building finishes consisted of corrugated metal siding.

Do you want to be part of one of the fastest growing industries on the periphery of the fencing industry? Join those who see the future of fencing by applying to be part of our dealer network.


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  • Access to our nationwide lead generation team who provide leads for PalmSHIELD and like-kind projects in your territory.

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This is an exclusive network of contractors and installers that will receive unique benefits from PalmSHIELD while continuing to grow the PalmSHIELD brand. Not everyone will be selected. You must have a proven successful track record of installing commercial fencing and like-kind products.

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For over fifty-five years, PalmSHIELD has been designing and engineering rooftop screening, screen walls, industrial louvered systems, louvered mechanical screen fencing, and architectural screening systems. In addition to our custom louvered screen wall and architectural screening fabrication division, PalmSHIELD fabricates square welded and woven wire mesh screen, private, solid, semi-private, staggered, and alternating screening and fencing, grating, and perforated metal screen. You can find our work from the base of the Grand Canyon to rooftops in your city. PalmSHIELD has the ultimate architectural equipment screening and louvered mechanical screen fencing solutions.

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Construction companies nationwide pefer PalmSHIELD because of easy to install post and prefabricated panel construction process.

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