PalmSHADE & PalmSHIELD's Sol shade structure combines aluminum beams and central columns for the ultimate outdoor relaxation experience. Its aluminum components are highly rust-resistant, meaning the structure can endure rainwater, snow, and ice without suffering the effects of corrosion. All pre-finished with polyester powder coating and assembled with PalmSHIELD's dependable stainless steel hardware. The result is a professionally crafted shade structure that will comfort homeowners, park visitors, bus station clients, etc. for years to come. Check out our pre-existing rooftop designs, or collaborate with our staff to custom-create an original design! What's more, we design and customize shade structures to your site's specific needs!

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Example of typical sizes - custom size, styles, and materials available

a b c d e f g a b c d e f g
2438x4267 mm 2438x4877 mm 2438x5486 3048x4877 3048x5486 3048x6096 3658x6096
96x168 in 96x192 in 96x216 in 120x192 in 120x216 in 120x240 in 144x240 in

Roof options

Underhanging Beams


Inset to Beams


Underhanging Beams


Overhanging Beams


Typical Purlin Profiles - custom size, styles, and materials available

Aluminum purlins available with wood grain finishes

Cedar and other species as specified. Custom sizing available. We do not offer Ipe.
Aluminum (mm) Aluminum (in) Wood Finished (mm) Wood Nominal (in)
25 x 76 1x3 38x89 '2x4'
25 x 102 1x4 38x140 '2x6'
51 x 51 2x2 38x190 '2x8'
51 x 76 2x3 38x241 '2x10'
76 x 76 3x3 102x102 '4x4'
51 x 102 2x4
51 x 127 2x5
51 x 152 2x6
51 x 203 2x8

Custom Roof Options

Laser Cut Aluminum

Custom Designs

Laser Cut Aluminum

Custom Designs

Wind & Privacy Options

Horizontal Aluminum

Privacy Aluminum Slats

Vertical Slats

Privacy Aluminum Slats

Planter Trellis

Privacy Planter & Trellis

Laser Cut

Privacy Laser Cut Aluminum Panels

Quadruple the fun!


PalmSHADE upgraded its Sol structure by varying the heights of four highly rust-resistant aluminum sun shades, that will add depth and dimension to your outdoor environment. This not only looks beautiful but also complements your landscaping and architectural design. You have the creative freedom to design the one of a kind exterior just the way you envision it. With the PalmSHADE’s Sol upgrade your sun shades will stand out as a unique, artistic centerpiece in any setting.

Large Quad Sol


PalmShade offers detailed, sequential guidance and provide the necessary tooling heads for secure engagement with optional tamper-proof stainless steel hardware. For traditional bolt-down installations, you can choose from either post-installed mechanical or adhesive anchors. Additionally, we offer tailored site-specific solutions for your unique needs.