Collapsible Bollards

PalmSHIELD’s collapsible bollards are ideal for safeguarding vehicle access roads, utility access roads, fire lanes, and trails: areas that need to be opened at a moment’s notice and blocked off again just as quickly. The posts of these bollards can be collapsed to a flat position and then lifted and locked into an upright position. When collapsed, PalmSHIELD collapsible bollards provide a smooth walkway for high traffic conditions.

  • They can be folded down to allow access for authorized vehicles, making them ideal for restricted areas like driveways, parking lots, and private roads.
  • When folded down, they occupy less space, reducing the risk of damage from passing vehicles and allowing for a more versatile use of the area.
  • When upright, they provide clear visual indicators to drivers about restricted areas.

1. Place the bollard where you want it to be installed.
2. Attach using drill-in concrete anchors inserted through the holes in the bollard’s base.