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PalmShield Industrial Aluminum Louvered Screening

The Industry’s Widest Louvers

If you are in need of industrial louvered screens, louvered mechanical screen, mechanical equipment enclosures or architectural louvered screening, you’ve come to the right place. PalmSHIELD louvered screening and perforated metal, welded wire mesh and grating grill systems provide excellent ventilation while maintaining complete privacy. Our exclusive picture frame design and rigid structure provides the industry’s strongest panel system, enabling us to reach heights greater than twelve feet.

PalmSHIELD’s industrial aluminum louvered screening is always custom fabricated using our signature louvers, the widest louvers in the industry. Please browse our website to learn more about PalmSHIELD or contact us today.  PalmSHIELD is the ultimate architectural equipment screening.

PalmShield Louvers

- WIDEST Louvers in the Industry
- Easiest System to Install
- No Guesswork. All Holes are Predrilled
- The ONLY Fully Framed Louver System
- Custom Fabricated to YOUR Specifications

In The News

Why is PalmSHIELD the most widely used and number one louvered architectural screen system?  PalmSHIELD is the only manufacture that provides step-by-step installation instructions for installing pos
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PalmSHIELD hits the road to the historic Kilmarnock Town Square

PalmSHIELD architectural louvers was selected for the historic restoration of the Kilmarnock Township Town Square.  PalmSHIELD was chosen because of our ability to custom build both louvered architec
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HVAC & AC Equipment Secured Enclosures … Don’t Sweat Your Copper.

PalmSHIELD offers louvered and secured HVAC equipment enclosures.   Copper prices have increased over 60% since 2007.  Thieves are averaging no less than $100.00 for copper tubing stolen from a res
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Over the last several years, there has been a pillaging of copper from existing air conditioner units.  Copper is rising in cost and has a high scrap pay-out.  Air conditioner lines are quick prey
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PalmSHIELD has been engineered to meet the category one 90 mph wind load requirement for an architectural louvered screen system.    Though we do not provide generalized engineered stamped drawings
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Your temporary construction fence should be your first line of defense at your construction site. Not only does it aid in keeping materials and tool safe; it keeps potential lawsuits from curious tres
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