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Complete Gate & Automated Access Control Systems

Coupling the right access control system with a slide gate is not readily apparent.  The length, type and weight of the gate will dictate the size and type of gate operator.  As a designer and architect, it can be a challenge to put these systems together.  In addition to selecting the gate operator, you also must select the balance of the access control system that includes the devices to operate the gate and the safety devices.   In addition to selecting all the necessary equipment, you also must provide a layout of the equipment respective of the gate and opening.

PalmSHIELD recognizes the complexity of these automated access control systems.  PalmSHIELD has partnered with American Access Company to put together a simplified and comprehensive set of drawings and specifications for full slide gate and automated access control specifications.  American Access Company is one of the nation’s largest providers of automated access control systems.  As a distributor of some of the nation’s largest access control manufacturers, American Access Company installs over 500 complete access control systems per year.  American Access Company is staffed with over fourteen American Fence Association certified access control technicians.  AAC is the leader in automated access control in the Midwest.

This partnership has lead to a collaboration of industries that provides a streamline approach to automated access control slide gate systems.  The integrated system includes the following:

    • Complete slide gate drawings showing installed gate and gate operator.
    • Gate operator installation drawing and complete performance specifications.
    • Gate, gate operator and access control equipment layout drawing.
    • System electrical requirements and layout drawing showing all required wiring
    • Dimensioned drawing showing all equipment and loop locations.
    • Full written specifications covering gate, gate operator and access control equipment.


These drawings and specifications can easily be added to any architectural set of drawings providing you a comprehensive illustration that assures accuracy and compliance on behalf of those who are performing take-offs and providing proposals for the gate and access control system.  You can be assured of the following by incorporating these drawings and specifications into your drawing set.

    1. Complete proposals
      1.   There will be no future change orders for additional equipment or change in equipment.
    2. Accurate installation
      1. There will be no guessing as to the location of equipment and gate.
    3. No guessing on electrical
      1. With a complete layout of all the electrical wiring, voltage and phase, there is no last minute scrambling to figure-out what is needed.
    4. Code compliant
      1. These systems comply with ASTM 2200 and UL325 that govern the gate and access control system requirements respectively.
    5. One stop shop for information
      1. Look no further in researching access control components.
    6. Complete integration
      1. All of the specified equipment integrates into the access control system and gate.

The following items are included in complete gate and automated access control systems:


Selected Gate Type

Chain Link - Single or Double Track
Ornamental Flat Top - Single or Double Track

+ PLUS +

Gate Accessories

Photo Eyes
Obstruction Loop Detector
Free Exit Loop Detector
Reversing Edges
Entry Keypad


Streamlined Access Control

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