Architectural Solid Screening is Industrial and Economical

PalmSHIELD is excited to announce that our solid architectural screening is now available in both a vinyl tongue & groove horizontal slat and a composite horizontal slat. These two new options make a great counterpart our popular aluminum horizontal slat system. PalmSHIELD’s solid architectural screening is a perfect solution for designers looking to complement theirContinue Reading

How to Select Your Mechanical Equipment Screening – Engineering Required

In our How to Select Your Mechanical Equipment Screening publication, we state that designers should either calculate their own wind loading or request this engineering from the manufacturer. Regardless how it comes to fruition, this level of engineering is very time consuming and expensive. Unfortunately, designers do not have the time or the resources toContinue Reading

PalmSHIELD Standard Powder Coating Colors

Stock Powder Coating Color Deck PalmSHIELD requires our customers to choose a RAL number for their paint and powder coat color. RAL numbers are an industry standard for color selection. Both our paint and powder coating suppliers use these RAL numbers as their standard. PalmSHIELD is now offering our official list of standard powder coatingContinue Reading

Important Performance Outputs and Design Criteria for Louvered Screening

PalmSHIELD loves to be poked and prodded by engineers.  Our system has been evaluated many times to meet specific design and site criteria.  We also recognize that not all installations require this level of engineering; however, end-users do want some assurance of performance and design criteria.  PalmSHIELD is now providing engineering summaries for our commonContinue Reading