Installing a Shade Structure for Back Patios

Customers look for two things in high-quality sun shade structures. One is, of course, design and functionality. Regardless of whether you’re sheltering train depot passengers from the summer heat, enhancing comfort in your backyard, or providing shade to a series of benches in a public park, you want a shade-providing fixture that gets the job done while also maintaining (or even boosting) visual appeal. Here at PalmSHADE, design and functionality go hand in hand. Our shelter selection includes a broad range of styles: from the gazebo-like Savitur shade to the curved Horus which is very compatible for bordering paved walkways. This broad selection allows you to pick a style befitting your situation, and our in-house team of designers and fabricators will custom manufacture a final product whose size matches your installation site area.

But the other key thing customers look for is ease of installation. Clients want sun shades that look nice, fulfill their purpose, and go together without too much difficulty. This is another area in which PalmSHADE’s products excel. Below you’ll find a video showing the installation of a Surya shade recently designed and manufactured by us. The parts are designed to go together efficiently. A high-quality sun shade can be fully assembled in a reasonable amount of time.

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