Embedded Bollards

If you’re looking for bollards that provide sturdy and permanent security, PalmSHIELD’s embedded bollards are your product of choice. Unlike surfaced mounted and other options on the market, these rigid posts are not easily removed, even in the event of vehicular impact. For that reason, embedded bollards frequently used to prevent automobiles from making contact with sidewalks, architectural screens, mechanical equipment, and building infrastructure. PalmSHIELD will work with you to design both full depth and shallow depth footing designs to assure best installations.

  • Being embedded into the ground, these bollards are more stable and can withstand significant impact, making them ideal for high-security areas and places with heavy traffic.
  • Embedded bollards require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan, leading to cost savings over time.
  • Embedded bollards are ideal for outdoor use and in areas prone to harsh environmental factors.
  1. Use an auger to drill a hole where the bollard will be placed. Make sure the hole is wider than the bollard’s base.
  2. Install gravel in the hole.
  3. Install a rebar cage at the bottom of the hole. This is to control moisture and reinforce the bollard.
  4. Place the bollard in the hole. Hold the bollard in place and fill the hole with cement.