Screen Walls and Artistic Expression

Did you know mechanical equipment screen walls can be used for artistic purposes? While not the first thought occurring to most property managers, there’s a considerable aesthetic value to be found here. Before we begin let’s discuss the basics. The primary function of these meticulously, professionally designed barriers is to safeguard and conceal equipment. In fact, many progressive cities today require property owners to keep items such as the following out of public view:

  • HVACs
  • Transformers
  • Cooling towers
  • Solar panels
  • Pool equipment
  • Generators
  • Dumpsters

Failure to screen these items can result in costly fines.

That is the traditional use for mechanical equipment screen walls. That said, one of the perks of screen walls is adaptability for secondary benefits. In an article published earlier this year, we bloviated on how these barriers create privacy and perimeter safety when companies host rooftop parties. (Most days of the year, screen walls keep rooftop equipment hidden from street view; now and then, they provide comfort for employees and their families at a rooftop get-together.) The topic of today’s article is how—depending on what style you choose—screens have the potential to double as artistic expression.

What screen wall designs work best for artistic display?

Although the vast majority of mechanical equipment screens are designed to blend into building infrastructure, here at PalmSHIELD we offer some options that stand out and catch the eye. In addition to traditional solid screens, louvered screens, we offer the following:

  • Artistic laser cut. PalmSHIELD’s fabrication arsenal includes cutting-edge laser cut technology. With our various tools, we pristinely carve unique designs, patterns, and images through the surfaces of your screens. We can carve any design you like: logos, mascots, slogans, etc. This allows us to craft products such as our LED Backlit screens, wherein sheets of transparent material are set behind the panels and then illuminated with an interior set of LED bulbs. The bulbs can project whatever color you want, and the colors can alternate for an especially eye-catching display.
  • Trellis. Greenhouses, gardens, zoos, parks, and other clients with vegetation-heavy installation sites don’t want big chunks of metal and aluminum clashing visually with the background. This is where PalmSHIELD’s trellis screening becomes a great alternative, with infills capable of supporting greenery. Now you possess barriers capable of disguising unsightly objects (which themselves would stand out and become eye sores, as well) while contributing to your property’s botanical setting.
  • Faux Brick & Stone. PalmSHIELD introduced the Faux Brick & Stone collection to disguise mechanical equipment against building exteriors largely composed of brick-and-mortar, concrete, etc. The infill of these panels are composed of polyester that’s been carefully molded and painted to resemble the above-mentioned materials: matching the aesthetic and blending in while, at the same time, being much lighter and easier to handle! So their primary function is to blend in, not stand out; that said, these panels can be used to draw eyes and catch attention. A brick-styled enclosure that surrounds your dumpster while replacing an unsightly view (the giant trash receptacles) with something appealing.

Now that we’ve discussed the various display-friendly options manufactured by PalmSHIELD, let’s discuss how these panels benefit property owners.

What are the benefits of decorative mechanical equipment screen walls?

Attractively designed screen walls are useful for drawing attention, which offers benefits such as the following:

  • Increased brand awareness. As we mentioned earlier, our laser cut technology allows us to carve images, lettering, and patterns through the surface of our screen walls. So if you have a logo, we can cut that into your screens. This is ideal for schools and businesses wishing to increase visibility and representation. Use our panels to make your visual identity stick out.
  • Attracting customers. A row of unique mechanical equipment screen walls, especially those enhanced by LEDs, attract the eye and help your business stand out from nearby infrastructure. If you run a business, PalmSHIELD’s panels can attract customers and passersby. In addition, they stick out in a way that people are likely to remember. So even if they don’t need your products and services right away, they’re more likely to think of you if they associate attractive lights and displays with the products and services they end up needing.

Learn more about the decorative mechanical equipment screen walls custom-made by PalmSHIELD. All our products are tailored to the installation site parameters of the individual client.