How Rooftop Screens Enhance Urban Living Environments

Did you know that high-quality rooftop screen systems have become indoctrinated into the modern environmental landscape? More and more progressive cities introduce ordinances that mandate obscuring certain types of equipment. In response, PalmSHIELD produces new models and styles of screening, to accommodate the broadest possible range of clients. This mission’s abetted by our company practice of building everything custom. In this article, we’ll explain why rooftop screens are important, why most property managers install them today, why PalmSHIELD is your contractor of choice, and how these beautifully crafted panels enhance the appearance of urban environments.

Why do I need rooftop screens in the first place?

As we mentioned in our introduction, progressive cities—the vast majority today—issue ordinances requiring property managers to install these screens. Now, why is that? It concerns certain mechanical equipment fixtures that are commonplace in urban rooftop venues. HVACs, for instance, are essential to maintaining temperature and safe air conditions for everyone in your building. Whether residential or commercial, domestic or work-centric, the building’s temperature must remain at a level that promotes comfort. At the same time, HVACs are visually unappealing, and they’re often positioned all too visibly on a rooftop, where they can be seen from the street.

The same applies to solar panels, transformers, cooling towers, and similar installations. While essential to building completion and maintenance, these items stand out distractingly on your rooftop, clashing with the visuals of building exteriors. Local codes in most progressive urban environments object to this, and it becomes incumbent on property managers to conceal them from public view. Codes don’t outlaw these devices, obviously, but they restrict their being visible from the street. Property managers who ignore these rules are likely to be hit with costly fines.

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Why is PalmSHIELD the #1 contractor for rooftop screens?

One of PalmSHIELD’s major selling points is that we custom manufacture our rooftop screens. Everything is tailored to the specific needs of the client. This begins with us attaining project site measurements, so that we can manufacture a series of screens that completely enclose the designated rooftop area. You don’t want gaps in your screening, as this exposes equipment to vandals, damaging winds, and the eyes of the public. (So you’ll likely remain subject to those costly fines!)

We also consider—and custom fabricate our screens according to—the angle at which the mechanical equipment would be visible sans screening. Why is this relevant? In many cases, property managers opt for purchasing panels that promote a degree of ventilation. We’ve discussed this in an earlier article from this year, but certain types of mechanical equipment—such as those that emit heat or smoke—require airflow. You don’t want these fixtures contained in compromised air quality. Consider, also, air pollution and the dangers posed to personnel—including maintenance crews dispatched to make repairs.

PalmSHIELD specializes in numerous ventilation-friendly panel styles. For rooftop screens, we recommend our signature louvered infill. Composed of slats installed parallel to one another, louvered infill closes off a considerable amount of visibility while still allowing gaps that permit airflow. Our team can design and accordingly fabricate the angle at which these louvers will be inserted into the panels’ posts—the angle wherein the louvers, when viewed from the street, successfully obscure the items.

How do rooftop screens improve the appearance of urban environments?

Now on to the primary topic of today’s article. We’ve already discussed why property managers opt for equipment screens and why PalmSHIELD can manufacture them better than anyone on the market. But what is the aesthetic benefit of rooftop panels? How do they improve the appearance of an urban environment while, simultaneously, fulfilling their basic function?

  • Matching your building’s aesthetics. PalmSHIELD’s fabrication facility includes cutting-edge powder coating tools, which allows us to color your panels. We can coat your panels—the posts and the infill together—any hue you like, to match your building’s visual look. If you have an old-fashioned building comprised of brick-and-mortar, concrete, etc., we have our Faux Brick & Stone series, which uses carefully crafted polymer that simulates the appearance of masonry.
  • Hiding mechanical equipment. We’re sort of repeating an early point, but there’s a good reason many civic ordinances don’t want HVACs, cooling towers, etc. visible from the street. These installations are big, bulky, plainly colored in most cases, and clash against architecture. It makes buildings appear rustic and unwelcoming. On windy days, pedestrians might (reasonably) worry about mechanical equipment being torn from the roof. So sturdy rooftop screens benefit an urban area by making it more attractive and professional in its appearance.
  • Attracting customers to businesses. Continuing on that note: appearances make a world of difference for commercial venues. People are less likely to enter and give their business to shops and eateries that, from the outside, appear dilapidated and overly mechanical. Obscuring rooftop equipment with screens that blend into the surrounding architecture improves your shop’s appearance, makes it seem well-maintained and professional, and increases the odds of passersby stepping through your front door.
  • Improved neighborhood appearances. Imagine a neighborhood of restaurants and stores overrun by mechanical fixtures on their rooftops. Picture how off-putting such a neighborhood would become—and how unlikely people are to spend time and money there—if everything around them bears a hazardous appearance. Rooftop equipment screens help maintain a neighborhood’s appearance.

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