What Access Control Devices Do I Need for My Industrial Slide Gate?

When it comes to entry/exit security for commercial and industrial properties, industrial slide gates reign supreme as property owners’ #1 choice. Here at PalmSHIELD, we manufacture gates according to the individual client’s particular spatial needs. You submit measurements of the area where you want the gate installed; we design and manufacture the gate to fit said parameters. Of course, a gate doesn’t reach true efficiency unless it comes with automated access control technology. In this article, we’ll cover the top access control accessories for slide gates.

Keypads: Coded Entry for Authorized Personnel

There’s a good reason why keypads have become a security staple throughout both the residential and commercial worlds. To gain entry, the user must enter a code unique to that particular keypad. Failure to submit this code precisely—down to the last digit—denies entry. The benefits of keypads are many:

  1. Security: Reiterating, but keypads require personnel to punch in the correct code, otherwise the gate will not open. This is a great means for deterring solicitors and intruders alike.
  2. Convenience: While some security checkpoints require personnel to display cards, cards are easily lost or misplaced (or forgotten at home). With a keypad, as long as you remember the code, you can pass through your facility’s gated entrance.
  3. Programmability: With a keypad for automatic gates, you pick and program an access code. Make sure you keep that code known to authorized personnel and authorized personnel only.
  4. Durability: As outdoor installations, keypads for industrial slide gates need sturdy chassis for protection against the elements. Electronic devices contain circuitry which mustn’t be exposed to rainwater. The chassis should also be able to resist damage from hail.

Got questions about access control for automatic gates? PalmSHIELD’s sales team is ready to discuss your project!

Photo Eyes: Photoelectronic Detection for Quicker Entry

Also known as photoelectric sensors, photo eyes for industrial slide gates emit an infrared beam with a long-range sensing distance to detect the presence of an object. When an object—such as an automobile—enters the beam’s range, the gate operator is signaled to open the gate. Benefits of using photo eyes include:

  1. Automation: Because photo eyes work automatically and operate according to the detection of movement, your facility can depend on the gate to process traffic on its own.
  2. Quicker vehicle processing: Because they signal gates to open based on detected movement, photo eyes allow a gate to process vehicular traffic faster. This is ideal for manufacturing and industrial complexes during the morning commute, when most of your staff shows up for work. The same applies for quitting time, when everyone’s heading home more or less simultaneously.

Loop Detectors: Detecting Vehicles from Underground

Another access control device that allows for easy entry is the loop detector. These consist of cables buried under the ground in front of your gate. When a vehicle passes overhead, the frequency from which the detector resonates will change—prompting the gate to open.

  1. Precision: Because automobiles weigh so much, loop detectors are able to accurately detect when one’s in its detection range—and likewise when the vehicle has moved out of range. The result: a gate that’ll automatically open when a vehicle pulls up and then automatically close when it’s passed through.
  2. Traffic Management: Like photo eyes, loop detectors allow for speedier traffic processing. This is because vehicles simply have to drive within the detection range and pass through when the gate’s fully open.

As you can see, there are numerous access control devices on the market—all designed to smoothen the processing of traffic in and out of your industrial facility. Here at PalmSHIELD, we provide a healthy selection so you can pick the one best acclimated for your needs. If you simply want the gate to open whenever someone drives up to the gate, photo eyes or loop detectors are your best bet. If you want more discriminating security, we highly recommend keypads. If you have questions about any of this, PalmSHIELD’s sales team is ready to answer your questions. They know our products inside and out and can provide informed, detailed answers to all your questions.