Attila Cable Railing

Cable railing is growing in popularity due to its slim and discreet appearance that leaves the eye to look beyond the railing. The challenge is cable railing  must meet standard IBC / UBC codes, requiring practically no deflection.  To meet this requirement the cables must be tensioned to some incredible levels, creating a considerable amount of pull on both ends of termination.

PalmSHIELD has been fabricating cable railing for almost twenty years.  We know a thing or two about cable railing. Specifically, many installations fail over time to maintain proper tension.  Imagine eleven cables, each tensioned to several hundreds of pounds of pull, pulling on one two inch square post screwed down to the top of a soft cedar deck board or stair plank.  System failure!  To prevent this mishap, PalmSHIELD uses their unique and proven fully framed panel design.  With fully framed panels, the tension is transferred to the frame and not to your deck or stairs.

PalmSHIELD cable systems are designed to be accompanied with code compliant stair grab rails.  All of our sections are custom fabricated. PalmSHIELD uses a rigid, thin cable stabilizer bar in the panels to support the long cable runs.  At changes in slope, a stabilizer bar will support the cables without the use of additional posts. Fewer posts leaves more to be desired as you look beyond the cable rail system.

PalmSHIELD offers three unique cable designs. Each one has its own unique application.

  • ATTILA – Our exclusive fully framed design utilizing a single cable strewn back and forth
  • ELLAC – PalmSHIELD’s one-of-a-kind adaptable design for changing terrains and radius
  • RUGA – the traditional cable railing design with PalmSHIELD framework

Features & Benefits

  • Cable rail designs unique to your application
  • Both custom fabricated to meet your site specific conditions or field adjustable
  • 20 years of cable rail design to assure all standard IBC & UBC codes are met.
  • Fully fabricated systems that require only a minimal amount of installation.  No worries over cable installs.

Popular Applications

  • Patios
  • Courtyards
  • Walkways
  • Stairs
  • Ramps
  • Upper Decks
  • Crowd Control

Attila Cable Railing


Material: Aluminum framework. Stainless steel cable and hardware.
Cable Thickness: 1/8” to 3/16”
Height: Typical 36” – 42”
Width: Individual panels may be 20’ in length.

ATTILA utilizes a single cable design where the cable is attached at the top of the panel and then strewn back and forth over a series of spools to a final and single tensioner at the bottom. This is a cleaner and more interesting design than traditional cable railing. It has a real architectural look for those installations that require more than a simple cable railing. Each cabled panel comes complete with fully installed cables. The panels and posts are predrilled, making installation simple and flawless. A traditional deck railing has at least four to five independent field installed cable runs that may result in system failure if the posts anchoring fails. This installation would take several days between anchoring posts and installing almost one hundred tensioners. With the PalmSHIELD system, a traditional deck railing will take a fraction of the time and no worries over failed post connections.