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PalmSHIELD’s PlaySAFE playground fencing solution is exactly what our playgrounds need to assure our children are kept safe and secure while providing an attractive complimentary screen fencing solution that compliments our playground equipment and adjoining building finishes. Playgrounds are creative environments for children to have fun, play, grow, learn, and socialize. These wonderful spaces should never pose a threat to our children. Today’s playground and community leaders have published and even enacted into law many documents to protect children from hazards on playgrounds, most notably the CPSC Handbook for Public Playground Safety and ASTM Standards. Many states have adopted one or both of these into law, either in their entirety or certain portions. PalmSHIELD’s PlaySAFE playground fencing meets these standards in providing screen fencing solutions that provide a safe barrier that both prevent children from inappropriately leaving the playground while assuring children do not get hurt by the screen fencing.

Additional Information

  • Button head stainless steel screws. No hex head.
  • 4” square steel posts with round beveled ¾” beveled plates. No corners no sharp edges.
  • 3” x 3” x ¼” structural aluminum angle framework
  • Solid infill 36” and lower to prevent climbing and visibility for smaller children three or younger.
  • No openings greater than 1 3/4”. No openings smaller than 1/2”.
  • Your design, logo or cartoon characters that compliment your playground.
  • Gates with lock sets at 48” heights.
  • Panic hardware, fire exit and alarmed devices are available and factory installed.
  • Gate closures available and factory installed

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Product Spec Download:

Product Spec Download


Dumpsters, Courtyards, Walkways, Gardens, Patios, Partitions, HVAC Screens, Hot tubs, Generators, Pool equipment, Transformers, Propane tanks, Rooftop enclosures

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Summary Of Airflow Test Results

Summary Of Impedance Test Results


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