Espalier Trellis System

PalmSHIELD’s Espalier Living Trellis system incorporates the box framed wire mesh and PalmSHIELD’s exclusive picture framed panel system. When you want to create some visual boundaries around your greenery capturing it with an architectural framework, the Espalier is your best option. Plants may grow in and around the box trellis but may also be maintained creating unique picture framed appearance. This is a perfect selection when wanting to highlight a variety of different plants and flowers, giving each one it own garden. The Espalier is a fully fabricated panel system. The panels easily attach to the posts or may be designed as a standalone against a building wall. All panels may be custom fabricated to your unique application.

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2″x 2″ Wire Infill

4″ x 4″ Wire Infill

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Product Spec Download:

Product Spec Download


Dumpsters, Courtyards, Walkways, Gardens, Patios, Partitions, HVAC Screens, Hot tubs, Generators, Pool equipment, Transformers, Propane tanks, Rooftop enclosures

Material Composition:

Wire Mesh

Summary Of Airflow Test Results

Summary Of Impedance Test Results

Double Panel Infill

Espalier Double Panel Trellis


Espalier Double Panel Trellis


Espalier Double Panel Trellis



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