Mercury Eco Staggered

Our Mercury Staggered architectural screen fencing series combines alternating aluminum, vinyl and composite planks placed horizontally between aluminum and vinyl posts. This shadow box architectural screen fencing design is field installed and provides for flexibility. PalmSHIELD uses exclusively the Woodland composite series vinyl based planks. These planks are available in a wide range of colors. The composite vinyl based planks are a well-balanced contrasting look of architectural woods and a more modern metal framework. The dark wood tones stand-up well up against aluminum framework. 6” wide composite vinyl based planks are field installed, allowing for flexibility in where you place your columns. All of our composite series planks require no painting, staining or sanding. These planks are stain and mold resistant while retaining the color in the sun. The Mercury Staggered all aluminum screen fencing incorporates our aluminum column series and horizontal aluminum planks for a very modern design. The Mercury Staggered screen fencing is available in 6” wide planks. The air space in between the planks may vary based on your design.

Additional Information

Material: Aluminum posts.  Vinyl planks
Plank dimensions: 1” x 6” vinyl
Post dimensions:  4” x 4” x 1/8” aluminum
Installed plank profile: 1” x 5 1/2”
Plank spacing:  5 1/2” o.c.
Visibility: 100% direct visual screening
Structure:  Routed posts and horizontal planks
Panel width:  Standard is 48” to 60”
Panel height: Standard is up to 72”

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Product Spec Download:

Product Spec Download


Dumpsters, Patios screens, Truck wells, Generators, Hot tubs, Transformers, Docks, Pool equipment, Courtyards, Gardens, Walkways

Material Composition:

Vinyl Infill. Aluminum Planks

Summary Of Airflow Test Results

Summary Of Impedance Test Results


Composite & Aluminum

Composite Planks & Aluminum Posts


Aluminum & Aluminum

Aluminum Planks & Aluminum Posts


Vinyl & Vinyl

Vinyl Planks & Vinyl Posts


Composite & Vinyl

Composite Planks & Vinyl Posts



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