Tiberius Semi Private

PalmSHIELD‘s TIBERIUS architectural semi-private screen fencing is a great mechanical screen fencing option that offers both privacy and ventilation for ground screens, enclosures & gates for HVAC systems, dumpsters, mechanical equipment & more. The aluminum frame and aluminum, vinyl or composite horizontal planks offer a contemporary and industrial finish matching today’s contemporary styles. The semi-private pattern with a two-inch standard air space and five-inch-wide planks offers a solution when you want a screen or fence that complements your building’s exterior finishes but allows for airflow and breaks-up the overall appearance.

Additional Information

Design: Standard rectangular shape
Material:  Composite
Thickness: 1”
Width: 5 ½”
Post spacing: Up to 72” based on standard design.
Height: Heights may vary based on design. Standard heights up to 8’

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Product Spec Download:

Product Spec Download


Rooftop enclosures, Trash enclosures, Mechanical equipment, Equipment enclosures, Patios, HVAC Screens, Generators, Transformers, Pool equipment, Courtyards, & MORE!

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Summary Of Airflow Test Results

Summary Of Impedance Test Results

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