PalmSHIELD’s ATHENA Interlaced Screening brings the beauty and charm of traditional basketweave as a viable option for architectural commercial screening.  This unique interlaced screening begins with PalmSHIELD’s engineered column and fully framed panel design, assuring nothing is lost in strength and reliability.  Incorporated into each picture frame are interlaced aluminum slats meticulously rolled and placed to provide a flawless pattern of weaving back and forth.  All slats and middle braces are fully welded, blasted and powder coated to match our highest standards for coatings. The finished look is intriguing and eye-catching.  This is a perfect solution for high-end commercial and retail applications where the screening is an interesting and intricate part of the building design where traditional screening is simply not enough.  The interlaced panels placed in a long row will stop onlookers in their tracks.  This is a great screening solution to promote products, promotional items and to enhance storefronts.

Athena Interlaced Screening

  • Flawless pattern of woven slats
  • Eye-catching and intriguing
  • Great storefront addition or promotional backdrop

Features & Benefits

  • Incorporates the PalmSHIELD engineered framework design
  • Coupled with a wide variety of columns to meet local codes
  • Structural panels capable of standalone installation with columns
  • Solid rolled aluminum slats
  • Sweep blasted and powder coated to a beautiful finish that enhances the weave.

Popular Applications

  • Storefront accent screen
  • Patios
  • Building accents and additions
  • Courtyards
  • Gardens
  • Walkways
  • Hot tubs
  • Outdoor seating screening