Industrial Slide Gates for Residential Communities

Industrial slide gates rank with the most popular security installations used today. Factories, power plants, airports, police substations, and military bases are just a few of the commercial venues where these gates are commonly found. However, they’ve also been installed to help secure private residential buildings and even entire communities. Assisted living facilities, private neighborhoods, governor’s residences, and mansions sometimes turn to these time-tested barriers. Today, PalmSHIELD—the nation’s leading fabricator for industrial, architectural, pedestrian, and surround gates—explores the benefits of industrial slide gates for residential property managers.

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Enhanced Security and Ease of Authorized Entry

One of the two primary functions of a gate is deterring unauthorized personnel. For this reason, you don’t want to settle for lightweight, flimsy barriers when safeguarding your mansion or residential community. PalmSHIELD’s industrial slide gate frames are manufactured using sturdy materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and ornamental iron. In addition to their considerable strength and resilience, these materials are highly resistant to rust. Remember that the vast majority of gates are permanent outdoor installations and—as such—are perpetually exposed to the weather. Prolonged corrosion on already flimsy materials can damage the gate’s infrastructure, resulting in weak zones for intruders to exploit.

Of course, the other essential function of an industrial slide gate is providing efficient entry for those with authorization. Through access control devices such as intercoms, scanners, and keypads, homeowners can dictate gate access. This feature not only adds a layer of convenience but enhances overall safety by ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter the premises.

Industrial Slide Gates Improve Traffic Management

Traffic management is among the top selling points for industrial gates for commercial facilities. Numerous vehicles—namely delivery trucks (arriving and departing)—pass through these areas each day and thus must be managed in an orderly and efficient manner. That said, controlled vehicle entry is likewise helpful for maintaining traffic in residential communities. With their efficient opening and closing mechanisms, industrial slide gates improve traffic management, helping dictate vehicular entry on a case-by-case basis. Preventing unauthorized cars from entering minimizes congestion, resulting in a more organized environment for residents.

Burglars aren’t the only ones to be kept from traipsing about your gated community. Controlled access serves as a deterrent for door-to-door salespeople, con artists, and other solicitors. Residents in these neighborhoods value their privacy.

Property Value Appreciation

Installing an industrial slide gate can positively impact property values, as well. Visibly enhanced security and advanced infrastructure help draw the eye of prospective buyers. After all, a buyer desiring enhanced security is more likely to purchase property that already has a gate installed. As a result, homes within gated communities tend to appreciate in value, providing a tangible return on investment for homeowners.

From controlled access and traffic management to enhanced property values, industrial slide gates are a valuable investment for homeowners and property managers seeking a modern, secure environment promoting privacy and security. Of course, a gate’s only as good as the manufacturer who builds it. For this reason, you want to hire a respected fabricator with decades of experience prioritizing custom designs and fabrication expertise. As mentioned at the top of this article, PalmSHIELD leads the national market for industrial slide gates. When you work with us, we put together gate drawings matching the specific dimensions of your project area. The gate is then custom-built by a team of highly trained fabricators armed with the most modern equipment.

Check out our broad selection of industrial gates. The options include:

  • Heavy Duty Industrial Cantilever Slide Gates: Ideal for openings exceeding thirty feet, these gates use two single-extrusion aluminum tracks and may be designed with additional upper horizontal supports to provide greater wind resistance.
  • Estate Slide Gates: Since ornamental iron is more visually appealing than stainless steel or aluminum, estate gates are the optimum choice for private mansions and residential communities.
  • Ornamental Slide Gates: PalmSHIELD uses an aluminum enclosed track cantilever design for these gates and incorporates your choice of rails, pickets, caps, and ornamental accessories.

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