Uses for Mechanical Equipment Screening

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When it comes to louvered mechanical equipment screening, PalmSHIELD remains the industry leader and standard. Since our inauguration in 2002, we’ve pushed the boundaries of design and aesthetics, turning out entire series of panels to accommodate the broadest possible range of clients. Even now, our team of qualified designers and engineers are releasing new models—such as the LED Backlit mechanical equipment screen series, which uses custom laser cut patterns and electronic displays to distinguish your building exterior while obscuring necessary machinery from view. We’ve also recently partnered with Texture Plus® to sell their elegant Faux Brick Style screens. (Check out our latest blog post and new YouTube video on this product!)

No matter your needs—whether local codes require rooftop mechanical equipment screening to obscure HVACs or if it’d simply convenience you to install decorative dumpster enclosure panels matching your building exterior—the team at PalmSHIELD can help!


Am I required to install mechanical equipment screening at my building?

Some communities possess legislation requiring property owners to obscure certain machinery and/or fixtures from public view. These items can include:

  • Dumpsters
  • Rooftop equipment
  • HVAC screens
  • Generators
  • Transformers

Technically, all devices involving waste management, electricity, heating, cooling, construction, and water are mechanical equipment. Failure to meet local code requirements can potentially result in fines. Be sure to consult your local authorities before reaching out to a contractor; your louvered screens might be required to meet certain height and installation requirements. Because of this, we recommend only giving your business to a manufacturer that can tackle custom jobs. This is another factor distinguishing PalmSHIELD from the competition. Everything here is custom-built—simply tell our design team what dimensions you must oblige, and we’ll fabricate your panels accordingly.

Mechanical screening enclosure

What are the specific benefits of louvered mechanical equipment screening?

The term louvered mechanical equipment screening refers to the infill of these panels, which consist of bars installed close enough to conceal contained fixtures from public view but far enough apart to allow a certain degree of airflow and ventilation.

What other types of mechanical equipment screening can I get?

As mentioned at the top, PalmSHIELD’s designers and fabrication team work beyond the wheelhouse of louvered screening, regularly coming up with new panel designs that mix functionality with spectacular display. Chief among these is the Decorative Laser Cut Metal series, wherein lasers are used to pristinely cut holes of specific shapes through solid sheets of metal. There’s no limitation on the designs and patterns we can cut—meaning your panels can display logos, words, images, you name it!

And that’s only part of the equation when it comes to LED mechanical equipment screens! Placed behind the surfacing—and visible through the holes—are LEDs which can emit a variety of colors. Add to that our ability to powder coat the panels certain colors! So if you want screening that matches building exteriors, displays your logo, and attracts customers all at once, look no further than PalmSHIELD! Simply submit your design and spatial needs, and we’ll manufacture the panels according to your needs!

Can I get louvered screens to match a brick building exterior?

Yes! The Faux Brick Style mechanical equipment screens, created by Texture Plus® and sold through PalmSHIELD, are designed specifically to obscure fixtures in front of brick-and-mortar. As of present, this series comes in seventeen distinct styles, meaning we can accommodate modern brick-and-mortar aesthetics and old-fashioned historical buildings alike. This options allows you obscure your dumpsters, HVACs, etc. against brick buildings without the clashing aesthetics that’d be inevitable with traditional louvered screening.