Dumpster Enclosures: Why Do I Need One?

Dumpsters are essential to commercial property upkeep. Whether you own an office building or a construction yard, these large trash receptacles help maintain orderly appearances that not only improve productivity but are more likely to impress clients and pass inspections. (You don’t want your hallways or property yard overrun with clutter and scrap materials.) However, obscuring dumpsters from public view is itself part of creating a good appearance; it also helps avoid messy cleanup scenarios for which you’ll be responsible. This is why PalmSHIELD, the top architectural and mechanical equipment screening contractor in the Midwest, offers high-quality dumpster enclosures.

What are dumpster enclosures and why do I need one?

Dumpster enclosures consist of screened panels—usually the sort that permit little to no visibility—installed around trash receptacles so as to obscure them from public view and limit access. These enclosures provide a number of benefits, including potentially saving you from local code violations and fines!

  • Dumpster enclosures are sometimes required by law. Some communities require property owners to conceal dumpsters from public view and even go so far as to specify acceptable heights and materials. When opening a building, always consult your local codes.
  • Dumpster enclosures help keep animals out of your trash. Communities located near rural areas regularly contend with woodland critters (raccoons, coyotes, bears, etc.) rummaging through garbage in search of food. However, even dumpsters in big cities become targets for stray dogs and cats. Animals getting into your trash frequently results in garbage strewn across the ground—of which responsibility for cleanup is on you! Installing a dumpster enclosure greatly reduces the likelihood of such incidents—and spares you maintenance time that’d be better spent on work.
  • Dumpster enclosures limit accessibility. Trash enclosures can be installed with lock-equipped gates; this way, only you and your employees can gain entry. Reduce incidents of vandalism.
  • Wind protection. Even if you own a lid-equipped dumpster, all it takes is a brief gust of wind when the lid’s open to hurl trash all over your property. And if your dumpster’s lidless, wind can present recurring cleanup problems. This is another benefit of installing a dumpster enclosure. Physical barriers of the appropriate height help greatly in preventing a wind-related mess that your staff would rather not deal with.


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Why should I hire PalmSHIELD to build my dumpster enclosure?

PalmSHIELD is the industry leader for custom screening; as such, we reign over the competition with our high-quality trash enclosures. Each panel’s built in our state-of-the-art fabrication facility by a team of trained fabrication professionals, using the industry’s only picture frame design. As a property owner, you’ll want your dumpster enclosure to match surrounding aesthetics, to blend in with the nearby building exterior. Again, consult your local codes to see what standards exist for dumpster enclosures in your area, then check out our selections of panel styles.

Does PalmSHIELD specialize in gates for dumpster enclosures?

Yes. In addition to gates for our products, we can also fabricate gates for pre-existing trash enclosures. Our gates are custom-made according to your specifications. Here at PalmSHIELD, we take security seriously. For that reason, our dumpster enclosure gates feature Gorilla Hinges and the Locinox FortyLock mortise lock, which features drop rods for extra strength. We also utilize DAC Industries, Inc. to attain a wide selection of panic bar options.