Translucent Laser Cut

This is our laser cut panel with a colored or non-colored sheet of acrylic slid between either mirrored images of laser cut sheets or backing one laser cut sheet. This laser cut aluminum sheet with diffusing acrylic sheet allows light to illuminate the cut pattern of the metal sheets. This modern artistic design provides a sophisticated gallery quality to the laser cut designs. PalmSHIELD uses only the highest quality acrylic sheet, ACRYLITE FF 3 mm or 5 mm sheet with a tensile strength of 10,000 psi. Acrylic sheeting is available in a wide range of colors and density, limiting and diffusing light. When placed against a solid surface, the panels may be backlit for greater contrast and a real glow. When standalone, the acrylic sheets are slid between two sheets of laser cut aluminum sheet mirroring one another to allow natural light to shine through. The artistic laser cut sheets are powder coated to allow even more contract between the glowing acrylic sheet and aluminum panels.

Additional Information

Material: Aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel.
Infill: Solid laser cut sheet
Openness: Varies
Vertical supports:  3” x 3” x ¼” angles
Top Cap: 3” x 3” x ¼” angle
Bottom Cap: 3” x 3” x ¼” angle
Structure:  PalmSHIELD exclusive fully framed.
Panel width: Unlimited. Standard is 48” to 60”
Panel height: Unlimited. Standard is up to 10’

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Product Spec Download:

Product Spec Download


Dumpsters, Courtyards, Walkways, Gardens, Patios, Partitions, HVAC Screens, Hot tubs, Generators, Pool equipment, Transformers, Propane tanks, Rooftop enclosures

Material Composition:

Aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel

Summary Of Airflow Test Results

Summary Of Impedance Test Results


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