Shim Stacks

Exterior flatwork is anything but flat. That’s right, we recognize that all exterior paving is sloped for drainage. Just when you think you everything was level, you discover your site paving drops ever so slightly. When this happens, you have to shim under your base plates. Owners and designers expect something more than a stack of nickels and washers. The finished design should look intentional and well thought-out.

PalmSHIELD has exactly what you need to provide that finished professional look. PalmSHIELD offers shims in two styles to be installed individually or in combination. A full-side shim for managing slopes running perpendicular or parallel to your screen fencing run. Corner-only shims for managing slopes running diagonal to your screen fencing runs. For more severe slopes that run diagonal, a combination of a full-side and corner-only shims may be necessary.

PalmSHIELD recognizes it is difficult to know exactly what you need. Shims are available in kits. Each kit includes three shims of the same style. The three shims will be of different thicknesses: 1/16″, 1/8″ & ¼” For more severe slopes, you may need to stack several shims or request thicker shims. Thicker shims may have a longer lead time.

All shims are fabricated from ASTM A653 galvanized sheet and then powder coated black. You may simply touch-up the sides with touch-up paint included with your PalmSHIELD screening. OR. You may request the shims be custom coated to match your PalmSHIELD screening color.

Your install cannot wait. You need shims now to keep rolling. PalmSHIELD’s shim stack kits are in-stock and available for immediate shipment.  Please contact your PalmSHIELD representative for customer assistance.

PalmSHIELD shim stack kits:

  • Two styles – line & corner
  • In-stock for immediate shipping
  • Galvanized to ASTM A653
  • Powder coated black.
  • Custom coating available upon request
  • Sold in stacks of three 1/16″, 1/8″ & 1/4″
  • Sold in full-side and corner-only shapes
  • Thicker shims available upon request

Shim #1

1/4 Shim 1


1/8 Shim 1


1/16 Shim 1


Shim #2

1/4 Shim 2


1/8 Shim 2


1/16 Shim 2