Freedom Bracket

Freedom Bracket

PalmSHIELD is excited to announce our newest innovation in architectural and mechanical screen fencing. PalmSHIELD’s new Freedom Bracket. Our latest innovation utilizes our popular fully framed louvered, solid, semi-solid and perforated architectural screening products in conjunction with our groundbreaking new post design.

Flexible Design

The Freedom Bracket’s flexible design allows you the Freedom to set your post in and out, left or right or up and down from the screen panels. You no longer have to be spot-on with your post installation relative to the panels. You can even use existing or your own 4” round or square posts.

Level Adjustable

If your grade slopes but you want the top of your screen to remain level, no need to field verify and order custom posts for each change in grade. The Freedom Bracket utilizes a wrap-around u-bolt attachment from panel to post. The brackets are stationary on the panel but easily slide up or down the post before tightening. Once tightened, the post brackets form a rigid connection. You have the Freedom to adjust your panel heights in the field with ease.

Staggering Posts

If you had to move your post in or out of the screen line or simply got a little off, no need to relocate or customize your posts. The Freedom Bracket utilizes a slotted attachment from panel to post that allows for 3/8” adjustment in or out from center-line of posts.

Preset Posts

Freedom Bracket is a great choice for those installations that require the posts to be set in concrete before attaching the screening. Utilizing our layout drawings, you could set all your posts in advance while pouring your slab, waiting for panels to be fabricated and shipped.