Introducing PalmSHIELD’s Updated and Adjustable Gorilla Hinge Design!

As the nation’s top architectural screen fencing and wall contractor, PalmSHIELD listens to customer feedback. Take, for example, our Gorilla Hinges. We introduced this exclusive line of industrial hinges more than ten years ago, and in that time haven’t experienced a single failure or return. Talking with clients, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of praise for the Gorilla Hinges, their sturdiness, and their incredible strength. (Not a single PalmSHIELD gate has fallen from its hinges! This is a historical fact of which we’re extremely proud.) Recently, we’ve received feedback regarding how these hinges must be field welded and inconvenienced some clients. Our design and engineering teams immediately swung into action. Now we’re excited to announce our newly updated and highly adjustable Gorilla Hinge design!

In the past, our hinges needed to be welded to their posts during the installation process. This required clients to independently hire a professional to grind, weld, and touch up each individual hinge. An inconvenience—in addition to very time-consuming—as not everyone has immediate access to a welder (or someone who’s qualified to do the job in-house). Our newly designed Gorilla Hinges eliminate all of these concerns, as they’re mechanically fastened to their posts. The attachment process is thus faster, simpler, and less expensive! And by attaching your hinges in lieu of field welding, you won’t damage your elegant powder coated finish!

These hinges are adjustable, with a ¾” range of up-and-down travel. With all of our gate posts tapped for the hinge bolts and long adjustable slots, you may adjust your hinges up and down over 1½” of travel.

All of this without sacrificing strength or quality! Before making this new design a bona fide part of our operation, we ran them through beta tests that included opening and closing the gate over one thousand closures, with three hundred pounds of added weight. This was to ensure the hinges never slipped at any point. Again, not a single PalmSHIELD Gorilla Hinge has failed to date; we are determined to maintain this track record. The new Gorilla Hinges still use ½” hinge plates, 7000# rated barrel hinges, stainless steel ball bearings, and stainless steel fasteners. We also continue incorporating an over-travel gap in case the gate posts don’t get set exactly square to the fence line.

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