Apply to Our Dealer Network for Architectural Screening Installers!

Do you have a solid track record installing architectural screening? Apply to PalmSHIELD’s dealer network today!

In the 1960s, we saw retail and professional building finishes constructed of corrugated metal siding.  Think of your suburban grocery store or automotive shop. Today, only the highest quality architectural masonry, stone, or concrete finish is approved according to governing appearance standards. Gas station frontages look like high-end retail. 

Likewise, today’s community planners are cutting ties with industrial-looking products in favor of high aesthetic architectural finishes. Standard fencing lines are not making the cut and are swiftly being replaced with “building finishes that compliment the building exteriors.” This new line of fencing is referred to as screening. Architectural screening is moving front and center for screening all mechanical equipment, property boundaries, dumpsters, truck wells, outside storage, company vehicle storage, etc.

Do you want to be part of one of the fastest growing industries on the periphery of the fencing industry? Join those who see the future of fencing by applying to be part of our dealer network.


  • Your contact information will be listed on our website as an “approved PalmSHIELD installer.”
  • You may qualify for unique volume discounts.
  • Enjoy access to our nationwide lead generation team who will provide leads for PalmSHIELD and like-kind projects in your territory.


  • Strict adherence to installation instructions.
  • Quote PalmSHIELD’s product whenever specified.
  • Partner with PalmSHIELD to get our products specified.
  • Provide the highest quality installations, providing customer satisfaction.

This is an exclusive network of contractors and installers that will receive unique benefits from PalmSHIELD while continuing to grow the PalmSHIELD brand.

Not everyone will be selected. You must have a proven successful track record of installing commercial fencing and like-kind products.

As we have identified a very limited number of opportunities to add to our dealer network, please click here today to ensure you are considered for our PalmSHIELD dealer network!