Dumpster Enclosures


Retail, commercial, or multi-family residential, your facility will require trash disposal. That means one or several on-site dumpsters. Typical fencing will not do. Your dumpster enclosure should be constructed of screens that complement your facilities envelope. PalmSHIELD’s dumpster enclosures are pre-engineered to meet waste management standards and to complement your building’s finishes.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets the Waste Management Industry’s Standards
  • 5 Different Infill Options Available to Suit Any Style or Design
  • Each Panel is Rigid Due to the Industry’s Only Picture Frame Design
  • Utilizes Engineered Plated Posts, Our Gorilla Hinges and Locinox Re-keyable Lock System
  • 4 Dumpster Sizes Available to Choose From

Dumpster and Trash Enclosures

A growing number of communities across the United States are adopting zoning regulations that involve community appearance standards that place demands on screening all the site equipment, loading docks, outside storage and trash disposal. At the heart of the matter are dumpster and mechanical equipment enclosures. These enclosures are being brought into the building envelope in regards to matching the design and quality of the building materials.

PalmSHIELD is here to help. Our architectural solid screens and louvered enclosures are designed to contribute to your overall property’s appearance. Not intended to be fencing but to be a solid surface architectural structure that matches the quality and appearance of your building exterior finish. Your dumpster enclosure or mechanical equipment screen should be a design element and not an eye sore.

Based on industry waste management standards and working with architects for the last twenty years, we have designed a series of standard enclosures for dumpster containment. Fortunately, the waste management industry has standardized their commercial dumpsters. Based on these standard dumpsters, PalmSHIELD has provided standard enclosures for single, double and triple dumpsters.

Enclosure Sizes


Single dumpster enclosure holds up to one 10 yard box or slant


Single dumpster enclosure with walk in holds up to one 10 yard box or slant


Double dumpster enclosure holds up to two 10 yard boxes or slants


Triple dumpster enclosure holds up to three 10 yard boxes or slants

Customer Favorites

Solid Vinyl Dumpster Enclosure

Solid Composite Dumpster Enclosure


Do you have existing screening or structures that are in need of a new gate? PalmSHIELD creates all our gates custom to your openings and specifications. Check out our commercial swing gate options!


Augustus Solid Panel Infill Options


PalmSHIELD’s AUGUSTUS architectural solid composite dumpster enclosure screening is the number one choice for ground level enclosures. The composite infill is a perfect complement for any dumpster or trash enclosure to matching any building finish that uses architectural wood finishes. AUGUSTUS solid composite dumpster enclosure screens are an excellent choice as they provide a wide array of Endeck Forest and Woodland series of composite tongue and groove colors.

Design: Standard rectangular shape
Material: Endeck Woodland Series Composites
Thickness: 1”
Width: 5 ½”
Post spacing: Up to 72” based on standard design
Height: Heights may vary based on design. Standard heights up to 8’


PalmSHIELD’s AUGUSTUS architectural solid aluminum dumpster enclosure screening is an affordable yet contemporary solution for attractive upscale trash enclosures. AUGUSTUS architectural solid aluminum dumpster enclosures are unlike standard dumpster enclosures as they complement your building’s more modern exterior finishes with aluminum tongue and groove tubular planks, providing 100% coverage of your dumpsters.

Design: Tongue & groove
Thickness: 1”
Width: 5 ½” wide planks
Post spacing: Up to 72” based on standard design.
Height: Heights may vary based on design. Standard heights up to 8’


Like all of our PalmSHIELD products, our AUGUSTUS solid vinyl architectural screen dumpster enclosures incorporate a full aluminum powder coated framework with a wide variety of vinyl tubular infills to complement your building’s exterior finish. PalmSHIELD has selected the Ply Gem Woodland Select tongue and groove planks for our solid vinyl dumpster enclosures because of Ply Gem’s commitment to use only the very best materials and extruding methods.

Design: Tongue & groove
Thickness: 1”
Width: 6” wide planks
Post spacing: Up to 67” based on standard design.

Standard Panel Infill Options

ATLAS Louver

PalmSHIELD ATLAS horizontal louvered fence and screening is perfect for providing excellent ventilation while keeping items out of sight from others. Using the industries’ only picture frame design, each panel is rigid enough to stand on its own. Maintaining a consistent design throughout the system, PalmSHIELD ATLAS horizontal louvers can be configured as a series of screens, grills, swing gates and even sliding gates. PalmSHIELD Hercules horizontal louvers are custom fabricated to each application, allowing end users to select the amount of visibility and air flow by varying louver spacing.

Louver Specs

Material: Aluminum
Louver dimensions: 1/8” x 3”
Installed louver profile: 2” x 2.873”
Angle vertical supports: 3″ x 3” x ¼”
Panel width: Unlimited. Standard is 48” to 60”.
Panel height: Unlimited. Standard is up to 12’.

Charlemagne Perforated

With a wide variety of hole sizes, percentage of open area, high strength-to-weight ratio and aesthetically pleasing, PalmSHIELD’s CHARLEMAGNE perforated metal screening is perfect for dumpster enclosures. PalmSHIELD has been incorporating perforated metal panels in our robust exclusive PalmSHIELD frames and column systems for over twenty years. CHARLEMAGNE perforated infill is perfect when you want to show a silhouette of what is behind your screen but nothing more.

Perforated Specs

Material: Carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum mesh, or stainless steel
Thickness: .032” to .25”
Hole Size: 3/32” to 1”
Width: 48” to 60”. Will vary based on infill option.
Height: Up to 96”. Will vary based on infill option.
Post spacing: 48” to 60”. Will vary based on infill option.
Hole Size: 3/32” to 1”
Height: Up to 96”


Locinox Latch

PalmSHIELD incorporates the Locinox FortyLock mortise lock into all of our gates with lockable drop rods.


Panic Bars

PalmSHIELD utilizes DAC Industries, Inc. for their wide selection of panic bar options. You can find one that’s perfect for your project with their reliable and versatile product lines.


Drop Rod

PalmSHIELD can fit any gate with the perfect sized drop rod to secure it in place.