Buy Architectural Screening from PalmSHIELD

Since our founding in 2002, PalmSHIELD has strove towards—and succeeded at—becoming the foremost manufacturer of architectural and mechanical equipment screening in the United States. In our twenty years, we’ve designed, engineered, and installed everything from dumpster enclosures to playground fencing to screens designed to obscure rooftop equipment—all while pioneering new, distinctive products. (Check out the Youtube video below showing off our LED architectural screens.) Our handiwork can be found nationwide: enclosing HVACs and generators at commercial buildings, safeguarding property at the base of the Grand Canyon, even installations in the midst of the great Yellowstone Forest. If you need screening solutions in the U.S., we reign as the top provider.

Table of Contents:

  1. What makes PalmSHIELD distinctive?
  2. How does PalmSHIELD’s design accommodate visual screening and free area?
  3. I don’t want louvered screening. Can I get something fancier?
  4. What is the PalmSHIELD customer experience?
  5. How do we get started?

What makes PalmSHIELD distinctive?

For one, we manufacture everything custom. When you purchase architectural screening from us, your infill and frames arrive designed and fabricated according to your specific needs (height, length, etc.). On top of that, we’ve created some items exclusive to our company, which make PalmSHIELD’s screening solutions that much more efficient.

  • The Gorilla Hinge. Utilizing a plate half an inch thick for mounting both gates and gate posts, the Gorilla Hinge features a slight offset allowing gates to actually shut past the “full close” position. The decision to engineer the hinge this way stems from our experience that, in the installation field, not everything goes according to plan. There exist situations—not planned for—where gate posts end up set a fraction of an inch off. While not noticeable to the untrained eye, it can potentially prevent a gate from fulling shutting—thereby defeating the purpose of having a gate in the first place. By allowing the gate to close even further, the Gorilla Hinge helps greatly in avoiding this situation.
  • Original cable railing system. PalmSHIELD’s original brand of fully framed cable railing system features either a welded frame design or a modifiable field-assembled design. (The latter can be adjusted to accommodate unexpected changes in direction and elevation—situations one must prepare for in the field.) Our cable railing system’s been used for both exterior and interior applications. Why, you may ask, are these systems important? Cable railing requires at least ten tightened cables to yield a pull force equating more than half a ton (1,000 lbs.). If your setup lacks full framing, the pull will occur where the post’s anchored to the surface, which will likely result in system failure.
  • Picture Frame Design—an industry exclusive! As its name indicates, the picture frame design resembles the perimeter border used to display photographs. Utilized for our architectural screening as well as perforated metals, welded wire mesh, grating systems, etc., the frame is extremely rigid—it actually possesses sufficient strength to stand independently, on its own! PalmSHIELD’s picture frame design benefits you in the long run, as it prevents unwanted twisting and warping in your infill. It also makes the infill easy to replace should repairs or changes become necessary.

How does PalmSHIELD’s design accommodate visual screening and free area?

Direct visual screening is the term applied to the standard measure which determines the percentage of visibility in a contained area. Here at PalmSHIELD, we employ a standard design which incorporates a ½” overlap in the louvers, guaranteeing complete (read: 100%) direct visual screening. As mentioned above, we fabricate everything custom—meaning we can modify the louvers on your product to yield a smaller percentage of direct visual screening.

PalmSHIELD colors panels using a safe, efficient process known as powder-coating. See the above video for a demonstration of how we transform generic gray louvered screening into an attractive product ready for display!

I don’t want louvered screening. Can I get something fancier?

Yes. Remember that video above showing off our LED architectural screening? That’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can accomplish here at PalmSHIELD.

  • LED Screening. Because we custom-fabricate, PalmSHIELD can assemble infill with unique and precisely cut infill through which the glow of LED backlights can be made visible. These lights can be—and even transition between—multiple colors. PalmSHIELD has a number of product types featuring LEDs, including the Opaque Laser Cut, the Translucent Laser Cut, and the LED Backlit Laser Cut.
  • Brick and Stone Infill. PalmSHIELD recently formed a partnership with Texture Plus®, a leading family-owned manufacturer of polymer infill expertly designed and fabricated to resemble masonry and other materials. This includes bricks, concrete blocks, giant river rocks, and beach sand, This collection features three product categories—Faux Brick, Faux Stone, and Faux Concrete—with numerous styles and color options in between.
  • Playground Fencing. Did you know that not installing playground fencing can potentially result in lawsuits for the property owner—even if an incident occurs regarding an object or hazard not actually on your playground. Be sure to read our article on the importance of playground fencing and then check out our selection of products under the PlaySafe brand name.

What is the PalmSHIELD customer experience?

With two decades of experience under our belts, PalmSHIELD has formulated a time-tested, efficient process once a deal’s signed with a prospective client. This system’s designed to make the communication process smooth, easy to understand, and efficient for everyone involved. The process consists of:

  1. Product Design. Being a custom manufacturer, we collaborate directly with clients in coming up with a design for each product—whether it’s architectural screening, mechanical equipment screening, a dumpster enclosure, etc. Our team of designers and engineers provide customers with a complete, comprehensive set of site specific fabrication drawings. You look over the drawings and tell us if anything’s missing. Tell us if your site features unique conditions such as conduits or curbs. Only when we receive your approval do we move onto the next step.
  2. Product Engineering. PalmSHIELD provides engineering in support with your system. We can work with local engineers to provide project-specific drawings. Our architectural and mechanical equipment screening consist of fully engineered systems.
  3. Project Management. When we receive the green light from the customer, a project’s assigned to a project manager. The project manager will contact you ASAP, thank you for choosing PalmSHIELD, and verify your key customer and project information. As fabrication ensues, they will update you weekly, submit fabrication drawings, pursue follow up communication, etc. In addition, you’ll receive from your project manager photographs of the screening as it nears completion. You will also receive photos after packaging. And, of course, you’ll hear from us when your product’s shipped!
  4. Transportation. To date, PalmSHIELD has shipped hundreds of orders to each of the continental United States. Packaging, shrink wrap, custom crates—we’ve got you covered, having partnered with transportation firms to ensure timely shipping. As the manufacturer, we take it upon ourselves to remain in contact with shipping all the way through the delivery date.
  5. Installation. PalmSHIELD’s installation teams are seasoned professionals with many years of experience. If we don’t install in your area, we can put you in touch with local engineers experienced and equipped to handle installation of your architectural screening.

How do we get started?

Simply get in touch with us. Our team of salespeople are super-knowledgeable and ready to answer all your questions.