Charlemagne Architectural Screening

The modern building envelope is no longer just about functionality alone. While functionality is important, progressive architects, engineers, and designers are truly becoming artists when it comes to exterior building aesthetics and landscape. This is why building designers are coming to PalmSHIELD to upgrade their building’s details. PalmSHIELD’s Charlemagne perforated screening is the perfect, aesthetically pleasing option to add to your building envelope.

Unsightly or private areas of the building exterior can be visually obscured with a perforated metal screen from PalmSHIELD. You can choose the hole size and spacing to show as much, or as little, of the backdrop as you would like. Also, your custom perforation can decrease or increase airflow based on need. Our perforated architectural screening features a picture frame design, allowing it to be adapted to any application. We can even create fully framed, industrial-grade gates to allow access to any screened areas. This is the perfect option when upgrading the security and aesthetics of dumpster areas, mechanical equipment, courtyards, athletic areas and so much more. So, when thinking about adding a basic chain link fence to your building envelope, consider PalmSHIELD’s Charlemagne architectural screening as a more aesthetically pleasing and custom option.  

Perforated screening is available in the following patterns:

  • Round hole
  • Square hole
  • Hexagonal hole
  • Slotted hole
  • Decorative hole
  • Custom patterns based on your CAD or PDF

Material: Carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum mesh, or stainless steel
Thickness: .032” to .25”
Hole Size: 3/32” to 1”
Width: 48” to 60”. Will vary based on infill option.
Height: Up to 96”. Will vary based on infill option.
Post spacing. 48” to 60”. Will vary based on infill option.
Hole Size: 3/32” to 1”

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