PalmSHIELD’s Perforated Metal Panels: Architectural Screenings for Industrial and Commercial Users

A massive change in today’s building community is mixed-use subdivisions and developments. Retail and professional developments have been mixing for years. But recently, we have seen a wider blend of industrial, commercial, and even retail mixed-use facilities. Small distribution facilities aligned next to retail areas and service-based industries with storefronts are becoming more common. Industrial subdivisions with full-scale landscaping, customer parking, and sidewalks speckled with restaurants and shopping are not unusual. In these subdivisions and developments, industrial and commercial users are being held to the highest standards, providing full architectural screening throughout the property to provide an inviting feeling. Designers want these facilities to feel like retail space while performing like industrial spaces.

This is where PalmSHIELD comes in. PalmSHIELD’s perforated metal panels provide the upscale look patrons are looking for, matches the industrial building envelope, and provides necessary protection and screening of unsightly areas. What do a restaurant’s dumpster enclosure and a factory’s mechanical equipment have in common? They need to be screened from public view while maintaining airflow. And if these two areas are next to each other, they should use the same screening. Both applications are perfect for the PalmSHIELD’s adaptable perforated metal panels.

Architects and designers have a responsibility to communicate to their end-users the benefits of improving the curb appeal of their investment. By applying architectural screening throughout the property to blend and hide their unsightly areas, high-end industrial, commercial, retail, and professional users will be enticed to locate within these developments.

PalmSHIELD’s fully framed perforated metal panels blend a sleek, upscale look with the functionality and airflow needed for industrial equipment. The custom perforations are pleasing to the eye and provide security and privacy for any application within a mixed-use development.

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