PalmSHIELD’s Custom Built Screening

Part of PalmSHIELD’s methodology for producing the market’s best architectural screening derives from our modus operandi of custom fabrication. For we recognize that even though many clients need screening for similar reasons (i.e., blotting out equipment such as generators and HVACs), no two situations are truly identical. Prebuilt panels of an established size can be problematic when screening needs to fit into an area of specific size: you could end up with vacant space on the edges of your screening, or an enclosure that won’t fit into the area you need to contain due to nearby walls. Also, if you’re installing rooftop mechanical equipment screening, the panels must be fabricated to conceal the equipment from pedestrians at ground level; visibility according to certain angles must be taken into consideration. Therefore, to achieve the best results, screening must be designed according to the exact parameters of your job site.

For this reason, PalmSHIELD builds everything according to measurements provided by the customer. We also work closely with our sister divisions: Patriot Custom Metals and IronShield Coating. The latter employs vast teams of G6-certified welders who’ve made custom fabrication their life’s passion; and they work their magic within a facility encompassing 80,000 square feet! Here they have access to all the equipment they need, from welding torches to unique items such as the S1800 CNC Drill & Tap Machine (see video here) and our plasma table (see video below)!

Check out our equipment and welders in action! Then see the results!

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