Dumpster Enclosures

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Dumpster Enclosures

A growing number of communities across the United States are adopting and enforce zoning regulations that involve community appearance standards of one type or another, or design controls applicable to particular buildings and structures. At the heart of the matter are dumpster and mechanical equipment enclosures. These enclosures are being brought into the building envelope in regards to meeting community appearance standards and enhancing the overall design of the property and primary building.

PalmSHIELD is here to help. Our architectural solid screening and louvered enclosures are designed to contribute to your overall property’s appearance. Not intended to be fencing but to be a solid surface structure that matches your building exterior finish. Your dumpster enclosure or mechanical equipment screening should be a design element and not an eye sore.

PalmSHIELD strives to make it easy for our customers. Based on industry standards and working with architects for the last twenty years, we have designed a series of standard enclosures for dumpster containment. Fortunately, the waste management industry has standardized their commercial dumpsters. Based on these standard dumpsters, PalmSHIELD has provided standard enclosures for single, double and triple dumpsters.

These enclosures’ designs meet the waste management industry’s standards for size of opening and distance from the dumpster(s). Architects and designers need not look further for designing their next enclosure. PalmSHIELD has provided a complete set of enclosure CAD drawings and specifications for designers to simply drop-in to their drawings.

With these standard enclosure designs, PalmSHIELD provides shorter lead times and budget sensitive pricing. PalmSHIELD’s dumpster enclosures are available in both our louvered and architectural solid screening. As with all of our screening options, we will color match.