Attila, Ellac & Ruga Cable Railings

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Cable railing is growing in popularity as a modern architectural design scheme. Designers like the look of this of this unique installation due to its slim and discreet appearance that leaves the eye to look beyond the railing. PalmSHIELD has developed and implemented three different cable railing options: ATTILA, PalmSHIELD’s exclusive design; ELLAC, PalmSHIELD one-of-a-kind hinged system; RUGA, the traditional design that has been utilized for years.

PalmSHIELD’s cables come in two sizes: 3/16” for high-security, heavy duty projects and 1/8” for standard projects. The cables are stainless, galvanized steel. For posts, PalmSHIELD recommends aluminum. The small openings where the cable travels through the posts can allow water from rain or sprinkler systems to enter the posts; with aluminum posts, you can rest assured that no rust will accumulate on the inside or outside of your railing system.  Along with the posts, PalmSHIELD is adamant about using a bottom rail for all cable systems, and while not required, a top rail is strongly recommended. These rails help release the tension from being applied to only the posts.

All of PalmSHIELD’s cable railing systems meet standard IBC and UBC codes. These codes require an opening no greater than four inches and less than an inch of deflection under two-hundred pounds of load. To meet this requirement, the cables much be tensioned to some incredible levels, creating a considerable amount of pull on both ends of termination.

Simple and Sleek

PalmSHIELD announces ATTILA cable railing, our exclusive architectural cable design. This design is a real architectural wonder for cable railing. ATTILA utilizes a single cable design where the cable is attached at the top of the panel and then strewn back and forth over a series of spools to a final and single tensioner at the bottom. This is a much cleaner and more interesting design than traditional cable railing. It has a real architectural look for those installations that require more than a simple cable railing. The ATTILA system incorporates our proven PalmSHIELD fully framed panels, engineered plated posts, our Gorilla hinges and the Locinox re-keyable lock system with an auto latch bolt and stout hook latch.

PalmSHIELD has been fabricating cable railing for almost 20 years. We know a thing or two about cable railing. We know that many cable rail installations fail over time due to the incredible amount of tension placed on the cable relative to the attachment of the termination posts. ATTILA cable railing decreases the amount of tension by using our traditional fully framed panels. Each panel has its own independent cable infill not dependent on-site post installations. With this new and unique design, the risk of posts pulling out of the ground from high tension is eliminated.

Each ATTILA cabled panel comes complete with fully installed cables. The panels and posts are predrilled, making installation simple and flawless. A traditional deck railing has at least four to five independent field-installed cable runs. This installation would take several days between anchoring posts and installing almost one hundred tensioners. With the ATTILA cable railing system, a traditional deck railing will take less than a day and no worries about failed posts.

PalmSHIELD’s ATTILA cable panels are designed to be accompanied with code compliant stair grab rails or handicap ramp rub rails. Stair sections are custom fabricated to account for stair landings. PalmSHIELD uses a cable stabilizer bar in the panels to support the cables along long runs. At changes in slope, a stabilizer bar will support the cables without the use of additional posts. 

Changing the Game

We recognize that not all installations are level and predictable. PalmSHIELD has added a twist to our ATTILA cable rail systems and created ELLAC, the hinged, field adjustable cable railing system. Our hinged system is field adjustable. It utilizes a mechanical hinge connection at the top and bottom rail that allows the railing to adjust to changes in elevation and slope. In-between each rail centered between the post is a hinged slim steel profile that keeps the cables aligned and assures the cables will meet code compliance yet is very discreet. This one-of-a-kind installation is perfect for large installations that may have varied slopes.

ELLAC systems are also useful when cable railing is being placed in a radial area. When an area has curves and requires a cable railing system, over time, the tension from the cables could cause the posts to adjust into what is natural: a straight line. To avoid this occurrence, ELLAC utilizes the center hinge condition as a means to divide up the radial curve and keep the cables formed without the risk of straightening out.

Keeping Tradition

While PalmSHIELD will recommend utilizing our new, improved cable railing systems, we understand that sometimes a traditional cable rail system is best for certain projects. RUGA, our traditional railing system, consists of 2”x2” square terminal and line posts with a tubular top and bottom rail. Tension is added to the cables by using turnbuckles on either end of the cable. When a project runs 5’-10’ a center brace will be added to the cable system. RUGA systems are versatile and can be either shop or field fabricated.

PalmSHIELD has been designing and installing cable railing systems for years. We appreciate the engineering dynamics of the tension on both the railing structure and to any adjoining surfaces. With our exclusive paneling system—ATTILA—we are able to reduce tension and add security for years to come.