Architectural Semi-Private Screening

AluminumSemi-Private Screening CompositeSemi-Private Screening

PalmSHIELD architectural semi-private screens offer both privacy and ventilation for ground screens, enclosures & gates for HVAC systems, dumpsters, mechanical equipment & more.  Architectural semi-private screening is a great solution when you want a screen that compliments your building’s exterior finishes but allows for airflow and breaks-up the overall appearance.  Our semi-private screening is an excellent choice as it provides both composite and aluminum infill options. 

Like all of our PalmSHIELD products, our semi private screening system incorporates a full aluminum framework with an air space between planks to match your facilities’ exterior finishes.  All of our semi-private screen systems include the option to add swing and slide gates.  What makes our semi-private screening so appealing is it is available in a wide array of colors too.

The PalmSHIELD architectural semi-private screening is a component system with a breakdown of posts and fully fabricated panels.  Everything is extruded to fit together using only on-site mechanical means to assemble.  All respective components are fully powdered coated.  All gates are fully assembled. 

Our composite and full aluminum systems are available in heights up to 6’ tall.  Our fully aluminum system is available in heights up to 8’ tall. 

PalmSHIELD architectural semi-private screening is a great solution for enclosing:

  • Dumpsters
  • Courtyards, walkways and gardens
  • Patios and patio partitions
  • HVAC Screens
  • Hot tubs
  • Generators
  • Pool Equipment
  • Transformers
  • Propane tanks