Freedom Rooftop Mounting Systems

Rooftops & Ground Mounting Systems

PalmSHIELD’s Freedom mounting systems are based on allowing the easily mount any of our full framed screening systems to their existing posts or rooftops. 25 years of working with architects and engineers to figure out how to attach our screen to their pre-existing structures has inspired us to design mounting systems that are extraordinarily flexible requiring no additional modifications. Our systems are based on using existing structures to connect our screening with variations in elevation, slope, and north, south, east and west orientation.

Features & Benefits

  • Extraordinarily flexible
  • Field adjustable with no further modifications
  • Straightforward and simple installation

Popular Applications

  • Retro existing mechanical equipment screening
  • Replacing existing rooftop screening
  • Parapet walls
  • Sloped roofs
  • Rubber EPDM roofs
  • Limited attachments for rooftop attachments

Freedom Rooftop Mounting System

Framework & Specs

PalmSHIELD’s 25 years of providing rooftop screens has taught us architectural screening’s most important characteristic is the flexibility in attaching to the existing roof substructure. We recognize two important factors.  The screen must go in a precise location to block visibility and the attachment points are very limited relative to underlying substructure perlins, trusses and beams. There is no guarantee your screening will align with the roof’s substructure.

PalmSHIELD created the Freedom mounting system for rooftop architectural screen for their fully framed screening.  This system allows the mounting framework to:

  • Slide freely parallel along the screen to align with the underlying structure.
  • Rotate up or down to attach to sloped roofs at any angle.
  • Slide attachment boots forward and backwards along the lower rail.
  • Attach anywhere from the base of the screen to 4’ back along the length of the screen.
  • Incorporate solid plastic weights up to 48lbs per bracket.

Rooftop Mounting System Specs.

Rail Material: Aluminum Schedule 40 pipe lower and diagonal rails.
Bracket Material: Cast aluminum mounting brackets with stainless steel set screws.

Bracket Type:  3ea – 360 degree pivoting brackets @ all joints.  2ea. – Mounting boots along lower rail.
Height: Up to 6’ screening
Depth:  Up to 6’ deep.

Freedom Post Mount System

Posts & Specs

Our Freedom post mount system has a flexible design that allows you the freedom to set your post in or out, left or right, or up or down from the mechanical equipment panels. This allows you the flexibility of using more approximate measuring for post installations relative to the panels. You can even use existing or your own 4″ square or round posts.

The Freedom post mount system is level adjustable as it uses a wrap-around U-bolt attachment from panels to post. The brackets used are stationary on the panel, but easily slide up or down the post before tightening. Once tightened, the post brackets form a rigid connection. You have the freedom to adjust your panel heights in the field with ease.

With the Freedom post mount system, you have no need to relocate or customize your posts. It utilizes a slotted attachment from post to panel that allows for 3/8″ adjustment in or out from center-line of posts.

The Freedom post mount system is a great choice for installations that require the posts be set in concrete before attaching the screening. Utilizing our layout drawings, you could set all your posts in advance while pouring your slab, waiting for panels to be fabricated and shipped.