Architectural Screening with Curb Appeal: PalmSHIELD’s Green Trellis System

PalmSHIELD’s distinguishing qualities among screening contractors are many: our policy of custom-building every job; our state-of-the-art fabrication facility staffed with 6G-certified welders; our belief in maintaining close communication with the customer to deliver a product that matches their expectations. All of these policies and practices have led to us becoming the most trusted architectural screening contractor in the Midwest. Also among our accolades is a vast spectrum of products. After all, property owners need screening for a variety of reasons: enclosing dumpsters, blocking HVACs from public view, containing equipment, etc.

No matter the situation, screens must match their surrounding aesthetics. For instance, if you need architectural screening situated near a greenhouse or an agricultural field, aluminum panels—perfect for an industrial setting—might stick out in a distracting way. (Gray and lush green vegetation don’t exactly match!) Likewise with metal panels set up around a forested walkway; you’ll naturally want something a little more organic in appearance. However, screening that also functions as a plant support—with vegetation spread across the infill—will not only serve its purpose but blend in as well.

PalmSHIELD has the solution! Our green trellis system is the perfect mechanical screening solution for greenhouses, courtyards, walkways, and public gardens—featuring a box framed panel with an infill of wire webbing, around and between which plants can grow. In essence, it allows you to create a living green wall, a vertical panel thriving with plants and vines. We offer two distinct green trellis systems. First, there’s the Espalier system, which incorporates a boxed frame wire mesh within our exclusive panel system. This system is ideal for clients who want a noticeable barrier framing the plants on their infill. (If you want your panels that resemble a framed picture of beautiful vegetation, this is your go-to choice.) The Espalier option is available in both single panel and double panel.

The second option is the Filigree living trellis system, which features a thinner box frame to support the wire mesh. In this case, the border of the panels won’t be as visible and the mesh will become more pronounced. The mesh for this trellis panel type consists of two wire panels held approximately three inches apart. As mentioned at the top, PalmSHIELD custom-builds every screening project. Contact our sales team today with your desired measurements (height, length, etc.) and we’ll transform your vision first into detailed CAD drawings and then, with your approval, into full-fledged green trellis mechanical equipment screens to display your vegetation.

Like what you see? Contact our sales staff today for an estimate on your architectural screening!