State of the Art Fabrication

A big part of PalmSHIELD’s success formula is the fact that we create everything custom. Each project—whether it’s a dumpster enclosure or an architectural screening system—is designed and engineered specifically to meet the exact parameters and criteria set forth by the customer. Some competitors in our field simply sell screens at a default size, and the customer is left hopeful and dependent on multiples of that panel fitting within their projected work area; after all, even being a fraction of an inch off can mean the difference between successfully enclosing an area and having a spacious gap between the screening and the adjacent wall. When it comes to rooftop screening, the louvers need to be engineered in such a way to blot the objects behind it from a pedestrian’s perspective; not doing so can result in civil fines!

And these are just a few of the possible setbacks of working from a set, non-negotiable size. Having been in the business since 2002, PalmSHIELD therefore practices custom fabrication policy to the nth degree. We work closely with our clients to ensure the screening we build matches their specific needs. It must accommodate their work area, fit snugly into the space near their walls, enclose the items that need obscuring, and—on top of that—match building exteriors. First we note exact measurements and requirements. Then each product goes before a trained designer for expertly crafted CAD drawings. These drawings in turn go before our fabrication team. The team consists of trained industry professionals who are G6 certified. (This certification is demanded of the best welders and requires special training as well as passing a test in an accredited facility!) The team works out of a facility surpassing 80 thousand square feet in size, one stocked with prestige equipment such as plasma tables, drill-and-tap machines, and numerous welding tables. All—once again—manned by trained professionals.

In addition to welding everything according to the customers’ needs, we also powder coat our panels, imbuing them with whatever color—or combination of colors—the customer wants. No matter the color of your building exterior, we can manufacture screening that’ll match its aesthetic. Do you have a brick-and-mortar building, one that’s somewhat old-fashioned in its design? No problem! PalmSHIELD recently added the Faux Brick & Stone series to our catalog. Look through multiple styles and colors, pick out the one you like best, and our team will assemble screens bearing an uncanny semblance of masonry—but much lighter and easier to handle! Check out the YouTube video below to sample a few designs available with this product!