LED Backlit Artistic Laser Cut Screening

Imagine a screening system that obscures unsightly equipment and fixtures from public view while emitting a gorgeous light display. A product whose very appearance enlivens building exteriors—catching the attention of prospective customers—in addition to obscuring dumpsters, HVACs, generators, and other fixtures in accordance with local codes. The product you’re imagining: PalmSHIELD’s LED Backlit Artistic Laser Cut Screening. In our mission to continue providing the nation’s best architectural and mechanical equipment screening, PalmSHIELD’s expanded its itinerary to incorporate spectacular LED displays into customizable laser cut panels.

Here at PalmSHIELD, customization doesn’t limited to screening dimensions; you decide what design’s cut into the forward face of each panel. Our fabrication shop is staffed with certified professionals operating state-of-the-art equipment. This combination of talent and machinery means we’re able to carve out any design you want—whether pre-existing or original. For instance: if you’re installing mechanical equipment screening at an educational venue, we can incorporate the school logo into your panels. Or maybe the local garden needs some elegant screening with flower-shaped decorations to line the walking trail. The design options here at PalmSHIELD are limitless—whatever look you come up with, we can carve it into your mechanical equipment screening.

sample image of artistic laser cut screening

Now let’s talk about the major selling point of these particular screens: the LED displays. Behind the face of each panel—and behind the acrylic sheet visible through the laser cut holes—is a professionally constructed, easy-to-access aluminum lightbox. It is within this box that we’ve installed a system of marine-grade LED light bulbs. These bulbs can display a broad spectrum of colors and—as demonstrated in the video above—can be programmed to alternate, resulting in an attractive display. Now you can not only obscure equipment from public view but catch the attention of passersby. As mentioned above, mechanical equipment screening can also help attract customers to your business!

Or how about mechanical equipment screening for a pool? Whether for private or public use, there’s inevitably equipment that’ll need to be obscured from view. And imagine the neat visual effect achieved when the warm glow of these panels splashes across the rippling surface of the pool water. Your friends, family, clientele, etc. will come to swim just to immerse themselves in this effect! Just another example of how these LED backlist screens can distinguish you from your competitors.

Each screen can be equipped with its own 24-volt adapter as well as an ETL-listed power adapter. You also have the option of combining a series of panels using support columns and then daisy-chaining the collective LED systems. As with all our products, our LED Backlit Artistic Laser Cut Screening is custom-fabricated to the needs of the individual customer. We’ll build as many panels—in whatever size needed—to enclose propane tanks, transformers, trash receptacles, etc. on your property.