Introducing PalmSHIELD’s LED Backlit Laser Cut Screening

PalmSHIELD’s mission is to provide the best mechanical equipment and architectural screening on the market. We now proudly introduce a new product: customizable LED backlit laser cut metal panels. Over the years, we’ve constructed thousands of panels used by architects and engineers to block out HVACs, propane tanks, dumpsters, etc. from public view. (In many communities, hiding these items is even required by civil codes.) At the same time, we recognize—and wish to satisfy—the need for attractive barriers that match building exteriors. In the past, we’ve worked with homeowners and community property owners who need to screen out pool equipment or accentuate garden walkways; bland gray metal panels simply won’t cut it for beautiful venues such as these.

PalmSHIELD’s artistic laser cut panels use the best technology available to combine functionality and aesthetics, and these LED backlit screening panels are no exception. As indicated by their name, they’ve been engineered to house LED lights—thereby making displays all the more attractive.


Why should I consider PalmSHIELD’s artistic laser cut metal screens?

Here at PalmSHIELD, we recognize that design—appearance—plays a huge factor into whether or not a piece of screening suits your needs. For this reason, we utilize the best laser cut technology to fabricate both ready-made and custom designs into panels. This way, customers can submit patterns, logos, etc. to be cut pristinely into their screening—as well as colors which we’ll powder coat into the product’s exterior. If you don’t have a look for your panels in mind, our team of trained designers is ready to collaborate with you.

Why should I consider PalmSHIELD’s LED backlit laser cut panels?

Installed behind the acrylic sheets of these panels is an aluminum box loaded with LED lights; when activated, these lights shine through the acrylic, become visible through the panels’ laser-cut holes, and create an attractive electronic display. Each panel can be equipped with a 24-volt adapter and ETL-listed power adapter, and you can combine panels/support columns in a daisy chain-esque manner. Lights available in many colors and densities. Tell us which ones will work best in your setting.

When and where are LED backlit laser cut metal panels useful?

Architects and engineers need mechanical equipment screens to hide from public view certain fixtures and equipment—such as transformers, propane tanks, generators, and rooftop equipment. (These screens provide visual blockage and security without impeding functionality. Again, some civil codes even require screening of this kind.) In the case of our LED backlit laser cut metal panels, however, they’re frequently chosen for and installed at venues where being representational and matching nearby aesthetics is a must. Community buildings, for instance, need to obscure fixtures while displaying logos or mascots—and incorporating specific color schemes. PalmSHIELD’s laser cut metal panels can also be installed around venues such as pool equipment, walkways, gardens, and courtyards. Because these are scenic areas with welcoming atmospheres, you don’t want to settle for generic gray metal with horizontal slats. Something more colorful and attractive is needed! These venues constitute another prime situation for our screening, as you can use colors and implement the best designs. And with the attractive LED displays of these backlit panels, you can match your surroundings with style! These lights on these panels can also help attract customers—disguising unsightly fixtures while catching the attention of passersby!