Introducing PalmSHIELD’s Opaque Laser Cut Screening

As part of our mission to continue providing the best mechanical equipment and architectural screening in the Midwest, PalmSHIELD is proud to introduce a new product: customizable opaque laser cut metal panels. Over the years, we’ve worked with architects and engineers who need visual blockage for HVACs, propane tanks, dumpsters, etc. but at the same time want an attractive barrier that matches building exteriors. Sometimes we’ve also been hired by ambitious homeowners needing something to screen out—for example—pool equipment, in which case generic gray metal panels simply do not suffice. These laser cut panels combine functionality and aesthetics, our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology allowing us to implement designs dictated by the customers’ specific needs.


Why should I consider laser cut metal screens?

Recognizing the value of customization for colors and patterns, PalmSHIELD utilizes laser technology so that customers can submit original designs to be cut pristinely into their screening. (Among the many types of imagery we’ve implemented are symbols, logos, mascots, and artistic patterns.) If you don’t have a pre-existent design in mind, our highly trained-in-house designers will collaborate with you directly to come up with an appropriate aesthetic. What’s also great about these panels is that they can be engineered to match color schemes. Pick colors that best fit surrounding environments and/or comply with the schemes of logos and symbols.

Why should I consider PalmSHIELD’s opaque laser cut panels?

The most attractive quality of our opaque laser cut metal screens is their use of customizable color to boost curb appeal and match surrounding aesthetics. In creating this look, we insert a colored sheet behind the outer frame of the panel, which remains visible through laser-cut holes in the surface.

When and where are opaque laser cut metal panels useful?

Architects and engineers need mechanical equipment screens to block certain fixtures and equipment—such as transformers, propane tanks, generators, and rooftop equipment—from public view. (These screens provide visual blockage and security without impeding functionality. Depending on the project location, such screening might even be mandatory.) In the case of our opaque laser cut metal panels, however, they’re frequently chosen for and installed at venues where being representational and matching nearby aesthetics is a must. Community buildings, for instance, that need to obscure fixtures while displaying logos or mascots—and incorporating specific color schemes—are a prime candidate for these elegant screens. PalmSHIELD’s opaque laser cut metal panels can also be installed around venues such as pool equipment, walkways, gardens, and courtyards. Because these are very scenic areas with very welcoming appearances, you don’t want to settle for generic gray metal with horizontal slats. Something more colorful and attractive is needed! These venues constitute another prime situation for our opaque screening, as you can use colors and implement the best designs.