PalmSHIELD Standard Powder Coating Colors

Stock Powder Coating Color Deck

PalmSHIELD requires our customers to choose a RAL number for their paint and powder coat color.

RAL numbers are an industry standard for color selection. Both our paint and powder coating suppliers use these RAL numbers as their standard.

PalmSHIELD is now offering our official list of standard powder coating colors for customer ease and convenience. Most reputable paint suppliers will have RAL color decks for you to use to help make your color selection. Or, you can look online for RAL colors. Just remember that if you are looking online, the actual color may vary due to differences in resolution and color rendition of your screen.

Many colors, or a color very close to one that you might choose, fall into our standard color range. As a general rule, metallic coatings are more expensive and may incur higher costs. Another general rule is that the costs of coatings increases as the color gets brighter. However, these are only generalities, so it is a good idea to choose two or three colors so that we can help you select the most cost-effective color and avoid a higher coating charge.

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