Customer Experience

Product Design. 

Every project is unique.  We recognize this simple fact.  PalmSHIELD has a team of designers and engineers ready to support you and your site-specific installation.  PalmSHIELD provides you with a complete set of site specific fabrication drawings for your approval.  If you have a unique site condition that incorporates piping, curbs or conduit; we will design our system around your conditions.  No need to clear a path. 

Product Engineering. 

Everybody is concerned about sustainability.  PalmSHIELD is a fully engineered system.  We will provide you with generic engineering in support of your system.  Need more certainty?  PalmSHIELD will work with a local engineer to provide project specific engineered stamped drawings. 

Project Management. 

From the moment you tell us “It’s a go!”  we are engaging you.  Every project is assigned a project manager.  You will hear from your project manager on day one, welcoming you to PalmSHIELD and verifying key customer and project information.  Your project manager will weekly keep you posted about your project, submit your fabrication drawings and follow-up with you while waiting on your response.  When your project nears completion, your project manager will send you photos of your completed project before and after packaging.  He will quickly notify you when it ships. 

Fabrication & Coatings. 

Stand clear!  We are the real deal.  We are custom metals fabricators.  Our staff is comprised of not only 6G certified welders but also real craftsmen.  Though we have an 80,000 square foot fabrication and coatings facility, we do not lose sight of the fact that we are building your custom enclosure.  Our fabricators work as team on projects.  Their work is daily reviewed via our quality control program and certified weld inspector, CWI.  Our staff lives up to our fabrication standards! 


Just tell us where and we will be there.   We have successfully shipped hundreds of projects across the United States.  We got you covered…in packaging, shrink wrap and custom crates.  We have partnered with a group of transportation firms who share our standards.  We stay in constant contact with the delivery until it arrives and manage any hiccups along the way. 


PalmSHIELD has an installation division.  We are ready to install your project regardless of location.  We stand ready to travel.  PalmSHIELD has several installation teams who are seasoned professionals with several years of installation experience.  PalmSHIELD has been a place or two over the last twenty years.  We have traveled to most major metropolitan communities.